BEST Articles of 2014

BEST Articles of 2014

It’s almost 2015, and I can’t believe how fast time flies. Today, let’s look at the best EFI articles from 2014.

Best Articles on Exercises For Injuries for 2014

Best Articles of 2014 Top 10. Bench Press Tweak to Improve Chest and Triceps Strength

In the TOP 10 is Chris from Critical Bench. His Bench Press Tweak to Improve Chest and Triceps Strength workout on EFI is wrapping it out. This workout is great for those who are looking to maximize their strength. The Bench Press variation is great for building strength and increasing your chest and arms mass. The Incline Press variation is great for increasing the definition of your triceps.

Best Articles of 2014 Top 9. 6 Herbs That Fight Joint Pain

Six herbs combat joint soreness – you will be amazed by some of these. While most joint pain is due to wear and tear, some people experience more acute pain due to allergies or autoimmune disorders. If you’re one of the latter, you may be interested in trying one of these herbs. They are known to help reduce inflammation and ease joint pain. Some of them are also believed to have anti-allergy properties that can help with symptoms of sneezing, itching, and watery eyes.

Best Articles of 2014 Top 8. 8 Healing Herbal Teas

This article describes eight wonderful medicinal tea drinks and their advantages. These delicious drinks are also helpful in reducing stress, improving sleep quality, increasing energy, and fighting various diseases. Furthermore, they also promote healthy weight loss, reduce allergies, and protect against certain types of cancer. You can enjoy these teas any time of the day.

Best Articles of 2014 Top 7. Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of

Scott Rawcliffe wrote an article about five bodyweight exercises you should try, despite having never heard of them. They may seem strange or unproven, but these exercises can help strengthen your body and improve your health. Opting for these exercises over the standard bench press or bicep curl can help you prevent injury and improve your physique.

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Best Articles of 2014 Top 6. How to Squat if You Have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

A squat tutorial for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. The best way to relieve the symptoms of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is to give your knees a break and avoid activities that cause pain. The squat is an exercise that can strengthen your knees while giving them a break from activities like kneeling.

women with loops helps athlete to do

Best Articles of 2014 Top 5. 3 Tricks to Get More Out of the Barbell Row

In this video, Team Critical Bench coach Chris shares three tricks to make the Barbell Row more effective. These exercises can help you build muscle, lose fat, and increase strength, whether at the gym or home, with a Barbell Row machine.

Best Articles of 2014 Top 4. Nature’s Best Testosterone Booster

Learn about nature’s finest testosterone boosters and where to find them in this article. These foods will help boost testosterone levels, increase strength, and improve overall health.

Best Articles of 2014 Top 3. Two Bodyweight Exercises to Help with Knee Pain

Sylvia Favela has some excellent bodyweight exercises to help with knee pain. They’re low-impact and easy to do anywhere. You can do these exercises daily to help relieve knee pain and strengthen your knees simultaneously.


Best Articles of 2014 Top 2. Tips on Avoiding Pain when Performing Burpees

Great information on how to avoid pain while doing burpees from Shawna Kaminski. Burpees are a combination of a squat thrust and a push-up. They’re one of the most efficient exercises and can be modified in many ways, making them suitable for all fitness levels.

Best Articles of 2014 Top 1. 7 WORST Foods for Your Joints

Joint pain is the most prevalent musculoskeletal condition, affecting nearly 12% of adults (NIH, 2013). This article provides information on avoiding seven foods that contribute to joint discomfort. By avoiding these seven foods, you can reduce inflammation and decrease your risk for joint pain.


It was an amazing year for reading the best articles of 2014, and we’re looking forward to providing you with expert resources and advice in the future. Let us know if you’d like us to cover a specific subject in the future. Again, thank you for reading EFI. Thank you to all those who contributed to EFI. 2015 will surely be a wonderful year.

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