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What To Do If You Have Shoulder Pain When Doing A Side Plank


Filed Under (Fitness, General) by Rick Kaselj

Today, I wanted to explain what you can do if you are having shoulder pain when performing the side plank.

In this video, I wanted to give an alternative exercise. If you do a Side Plank and it is painful, you can do this exercise called the Farmer’s Carry.

What To Do If You Have Shoulder Pain When Doing A Side Plank

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I will get Sonya to demonstrate it.

She grabs a weight, a dumbbell works well. She will hold it in one arm and she’s taking the weight for a walk.

Farmer's Carry

Farmer’s Carry

You can start using something light weight. But what you want to do is to really work up to a weight that’s heavy. When you are doing a side plank, you are pretty much holding your weight up. When you are doing it from your knees, you are like doing it with three quarters of your body weight.

At the start, you might go light but then you really want to crank it up to keep those shoulders and those hips parallel to the floor. The dumbbells are trying to pull you down and you are fighting it the opposite way. So it’s almost like you are doing a side plank but not with all that pressure on your forearm, elbow and shoulder.

If you are having shoulder pain when doing the side plank on the floor, then give the Farmer’s Carry exercise a go. Make sure you don’t go too light. Start off light but then start cranking the weight up but make sure you have perfect technique because you don’t want to put unnecessary stress on your back and irritate your back that could lead to a full blown injury.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS


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