How Many Exercises Per Workout?


I just wanted to send this out before I head off to the gym to work on my TOP SECRET project.

I am so excited about this.

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Okay, today I have an article from my buddy, Mike Whitfield. Enjoy and we will talk to you tomorrow.

Rick Kaselj, MS


Muscle “confusion”…

Keeping your body “guessing”…

“Ancient unknown secret” methods…

Random “quotes” on “random” words <== Ha! Hilarious.

You’re probably tired of hearing this type of thing right?

The last thing you need is a complicated exercise program and these days, they are getting more and more difficult to just learn… let alone perform.

It’s no wonder you’re seeing more injuries. Besides, I’m guessing you’re busy and don’t have the time to learn 15 exercises. If learning the new workout takes longer than the workout itself… I wouldn’t be motivated, either!

So, how can you fix it?

How many exercises per workout is “ideal”?

It might surprise you. Not because I’m going to reveal to you a “secret” combination or anything… but because I’m going to be transparent.

Simply doing MORE of what works is better than a hundred different exercises. Keep it simple. You should simply hit your pushing muscles, pulling muscles, core and lower body muscles.


You can EASILY do this with 4 exercises or LESS…

This is what I call the “Go BareFit” approach, because you’re doing the “bare minimum” to get and stay fit.

That also means FEWER injuries because you’re not doing 100 different exercises.

And because you’re hitting all the major zones of your body, you can actually get results twice a week. Ideally 3 is better, but if you’re doing it twice a week, be sure to give yourself 2 days of rest in between so you can focus on doing MORE of what works with the right focus.

Every rep should serve a purpose. You SHOULD follow a structured program that doesn’t have “fluff”, but hits all your major muscles. Sure, this cranks your metabolism, but more importantly, your body will “learn” the moves that count.

And when you do them better, you prevent injuries (losing fat is just a plus).

By the way, a Go BareFit workout takes around 30 seconds to memorize. That means less time learning and more time doing.

So, let’s do one for example…

Your form must be perfect, so rest when you need to rest. In the first circuit, you’ll do 1 rep of each exercise. In the next circuit, you’ll do 2 reps of each exercise. Continue in this fashion, adding one more rep with every circuit, until 20 minutes are up. Once you hit 20 minutes, rest 1 minute and move into the finisher.

1A) DB Split Squat (1/side, 2/side…. etc., etc.)
1B) DB Chest Press (1, 2, etc., etc.)
1C) *DB Row (1/side, 2/side, etc., etc.)

*Did you know the DB Row also works your abs? Once you hit the 8+rep range, your abs start to really engage as your back and biceps get tired.

2) Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks (20 secs), rest 10 secs
Do this 8 times

See? No Fluff.

By the way, you’ll get a ZERO equipment version with every single workout, too.

Are you a beginner? You’re covered. You’ll get 10 beginner workouts with no fluff, too.

And another note, I hope you find the “headline” hilarious. I was told not to “call out” the fitness industry, but I did anyway.

Mike Whitfield, Master CTT

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