10-Minute Fat Loss and Testosterone Boosting Workout

10-Minute Fat Loss and Testosterone Boosting Workout

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Today, I am going to show you a bodyweight metabolic complex that is going to have you shredding body fat and boosting testosterone levels up. Now, what we know about testosterone is how it gets the neuromuscular system firing. Meaning, we are going to get a whole bunch of muscle mass moving relatively quickly. Compound exercises are the best for that. Since this is ExercisesforInjuries, I cannot automatically assume that I can have you guys flying all over the place without protecting your joints. So I put out the perfect recipe—the perfect bodyweight complex that is going to take advantage of this thing we call deceleration while accelerating a whole bunch of muscle mass that is going to have you feeling the burn, stripping the body fat, and boosting T-levels up.

I am going to get you to do three exercises where we are going to attempt to decelerate and accelerate—meaning, get our muscle mass flying as quickly as possible on the way out of this exercise. We are going to do five reps of each, and add a couple of lower body exercises that incorporate your left and right leg. Make sure you do five left and five right movements before moving on to the next one. The total of this whole workout is 25 reps.

#1- Lunge Breaker

Lunge Breaker

Lunge Breaker

To do this, I am going to lower myself slowly and get into a position where I look like a sprinter. Then, I am going to leap out of there as quickly as possible. The arm action is as important as the leg action.

#2 – Side Lunge

Side Lunge

Side Lunge

To do this, I will slowly step to my left and use my hand to reach my toe. As soon as I feel comfortable, I will quickly move out of that position. The intent to move fast fires at the neuromuscular system.

#3 – Push Up with a Jack

Push Up with a Jack

To do this exercise, I will go into a push up position, lower myself slowly and when I raise up, I am going to split my legs.

So, those are the three exercises. First, we have the lunge breaker. Then the side lunge where we moved slowly on the way down then accelerated fast on the way up. We are doing five repetitions left and right on both exercises. Then we got into that push up with the jack where we had a total of 5 reps.

The total complex is going to be 25 reps. When you finish those three exercise circuits, you are going to rest for 30 to 60 seconds to keep the intensity up. Repeat for 10 to 12 minutes or as many rounds as you can get. This will help you burn your body fat and elevate the testosterone levels.


Frank Daniels

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