2 Mistakes that Forward Head Posture Sufferers Do After Seeing a Chiropractor

2 Mistakes that Forward Head Posture Sufferers

Forward Head Posture is one of the leading causes of neck and back pain. With the rise in popularity of ergonomics and ergonomic devices, this condition has become even more prevalent. If you’ve just started noticing a change in your posture, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve had some form of spinal misalignment. This can be corrected with chiropractic care. However, many people make forward head posture mistakes after seeing a chiropractor and end up having to start all over again.

Many people have had success with chiropractic care for their Forward Head Posture problems, but there are also some mistakes that Forward Head Posture sufferers do after seeing a chiropractor. There are two major Forward Head Posture mistakes patients make after seeing a chiropractor; they go back into old habits and they do not take the necessary steps to maintain their progress. 

Forward Head Posture and Your Chiropractor

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1. Going back to old routine

Forward Head Posture sufferers are often prone to going back into old habits and ignoring their progress, leading to a recurrence of symptoms. Going back to your old ways of handling your phone, sitting, or working on the computer will undo the work that your chiropractor has done.

If you’ve had success with chiropractic care, you must continue to practice regularly. Maintaining Forward Head Posture through daily stretches and exercises is crucial for maintaining the progress made in the office visit.

2. Not following a strategic plan to keep the head in ideal posture

Your chiropractor will help move your head back in order to counteract the forward head posture. You need a simple follow up program that will hold your body in that ideal posture. You have to make sure that you follow a program that will keep what your chiropractor had done to maintain your good alignment.

One mistake people make after seeing a chiropractor is not following a strategic plan to keep the head in an ideal posture. If you do not maintain your progress and continue to go back into old habits, then there is no benefit from your healthcare provider. A typical example of this mistake is when Forward Head Posture sufferers begin to work out again without stretching beforehand. They end up working out against the same muscle groups that were affected by their Forward Head Posture in the first place, which causes serious injury and increased pain levels.

Therefore, it is important for you to set up an effective plan and stick with it. The key for those suffering from Forward Head Posture is to plan how you will maintain your progress after seeing a chiropractor so you can avoid making these mistakes.


Forward head posture can cause various issues, including neck, shoulder, and back pain. After an adjustment, many people feel relief and go back to old habits. Create a strategy with your chiropractor to keep the head in ideal alignment and avoid making these mistakes.

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