Upper Crossed Syndrome & Forward Head Posture

Upper Crossed Syndrome & Forward Head Posture

In today’s video, I wanted to explain a little bit further what upper crossed syndrome is and how it relates to forward head posture.

Upper Crossed Syndrome & Forward Head Posture

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You have probably seen someone before who has posture similar to the photo below, where you can notice the person has rounded shoulders and his head is jaded forward.  This postural condition is referred to as Upper Crossed Syndrome.

upper crossed syndrome

One part of upper crossed syndrome is the forward head posture.  It is super important that you do something about this postural syndrome, most especially when it comes to the forward head posture side of things. If you don’t take any action to fix this, the condition can lead to numerous negative effects on your health, fitness, sleep, performance, digestive system, brain, and more.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

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