3 Best Moves to Prevent Back Pain for Men

3 Best Moves to Prevent Back Pain For Men

Hey, I hope you are having a great weekend. Today, I have a couple of moves for men to help overcome back pain. Give the moves below ago.


~ Rick

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Back pain is a very common issue among men. While most people assume it’s an issue that only women deal with, it’s important to know that the majority of back pain cases are experienced by the male population. Men tend to be more likely to get back pain because they have larger and stronger muscles than women and don’t have as much flexibility in their spine. Back pain can make you feel like you’re constantly struggling with movement, making it hard for you to do anything or even sit up straight. If you want to prevent back pain, there are some simple moves that can help keep your spine healthy.

This condition can cause severe discomfort and affect a person’s ability to function normally. If you’re a man, you might not know how to prevent it or what to do if you find yourself in pain. Luckily, there are a few simple steps that men can take to keep their backs healthy and avoid debilitating pain.

I had Andrea demonstrate.

1. Lie Down on Your Stomach

Lie Down On Your Stomach is designed to strengthen the core muscles of our body. It is also a great way to help with digestion and reduce stress. When you lie down on your stomach, it helps relieve pressure on the lower back as well as provides additional stability when breathing.

To help relieve stress, improve digestion, and reduce back pain by strengthening the core muscles in one simple exercise.

Lying on your stomach is a low-stress position, so it allows your back muscles to loosen up and decreases the pressure on your back. For probably 95 percent of people, lying on their stomachs and extending slightly in the back helps.

Lay on your Stomach Prevent Back Pain for MenLie Down on Your Stomach

This is a simple exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime. It’s just like stretching but less intense on the body.

To do this, lie flat on your stomach with both hands supporting you underneath, palms facing down. Drop-head between arms while exhaling in deep breaths until it becomes uncomfortable. Lie down in this position for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and see how your back feels

2. Lie Down on Your Forearms

Lie Down on Your Forearms is a simple exercise that can be done anywhere. It is designed to tone your arms, abs, and lower back. Lie down on your forearm and make sure the elbow of your left arm is close to the ground. You should feel a stretch in your chest and upper back as you get into this position. This movement will help build endurance for more difficult movements like crunches or pushups.

Lay on your Forearms Prevent Back Pain for MenLie Down on Your Forearms

To do this, move up on your forearms slowly, extending the lower back slightly. Hold this for 10 to 15 seconds. Lie back down on your stomach and then do another extension. See what works best for you; 5-second, 10-second, or 15-second hold.

3. Press Up

Press-ups are a great exercise to help strengthen your chest, arms, and shoulders. If muscle fatigue is an issue for you, then you may want to focus on performing more reps of this exercise than if you feel comfortable with it. Try adding one or two more sets of reps per workout until you have achieved the desired results.

To do this, place your hands just underneath the shoulders. Push up, arching at the back until your arms are straight, and then lower back down. Try to focus on arching your back and the rest of the body. You can straighten your arms out and back down if you can, but if you can only get half-width, that’s perfectly fine.

Press UpPress Up

Go through 5 repetitions in a smooth, controlled movement and hold the end position for a second. You can progress to 2-second holds and then back down. Start with 5 repetitions, then you can progress to 10 repetitions.

Give those three moves a go to provide back pain relief.

Take care.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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