4 Simple Neck and Shoulder Pain-relieving Exercises

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Now, I have another exercise routine for you. If you sit a lot at work, I have a couple of quick exercises that will help you alleviate your neck and shoulder pain.


~ Rick

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I got Donnalee to demonstrate.

#1 – Laced Fingers and Arms Back

Sit nice and tall, interlace your fingers behind your back, and then raise your arms slowly. With a smooth, controlled movement, hold the end position for a second or two and then lower to the starting position.

With this exercise, we are stretching out the front of the shoulder, which tends to be tight, leading to neck and shoulder pain. We are also working on the midback muscles, which are often weak, causing neck and back pain. If you find it difficult to do the exercise in a sitting position, you can go through the movement in standing position.

Laced Fingers and Arms BackLaced Fingers and Arms Back

Go through one set of 5 repetitions, holding the end position for a second or two.

#2 – Laced Fingers and Arms Overhead

Interlace your fingers in front of you and raise your arms overhead, holding for a second or two. We are working on the muscles around the shoulder blades. Weak muscles in the neck and shoulders are weak will lead to poor activation, endurance and strength. So, we are working on improving activation, endurance and strength with this exercise.

Laced Fingers and Arms OverheadLaced Fingers and Arms Overhead

Perform one set of 5 repetitions, holding the end position for a second or two.

#3 – Chair Arch

Place your arms behind your head and arch over the chair. In this exercise, we are working on increasing the mobility of the midback. This exercise helps in loosening up the midback area. We are specifically working on the mobility of the bones in the midback area, which often get tight because of sitting too much.

Chair ArchChair Arch 

Go through one set of 5 repetitions in a smooth, controlled movement, holding the end position for a second or two.

#4 – Chair Rotation

Sit nice and tall, with your arms behind your head. Rotate to one side and then rotate back through to the other side. We are focusing on the mobility of the midback area because that area tends to be tight. Poor mobility in the midback area can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

Chair RotationChair Rotation 

Go through one set of 5 repetitions, holding each of the end positions for a second or two. You will do 5 on each side, so that should be a total of 10 movements.

Give this exercise routine a go to relieve your shoulder and neck pain.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS