3 Best Moves to Relieve Back Pain for Men

3 Best Moves to Relieve Back Pain for Men

My clients often ask me how to manage their middle back pain. There are a couple of exercises that I recommend them to do. I mostly give these moves to relieve back pain in men, but these stretches also work great for women.

If you have any tightness or pain in your midback area from sitting too much, these Moves to Relieve Back Pain for Men will help you out.

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I got Andrea to demonstrate the exercises using a stability ball. The stability ball is a great tool to help you twist and rock. It places your body in a more difficult position with free weights or machines because you have to stabilize yourself while performing exercises like squats/lunges and deadlift variations. It also engages your core muscles, making it much easier for beginners than traditional ab-specific exercises.

1. Sit, Twist, and Side Bend

Sit in a chair, rotate, and then side bend. Place your hands behind your head, put your elbows back, rotate in the midback area, and side bend to work on the mid-back area.

Sit, Twist and Side Bend - Moves to Relieve Back Pain for Men

Sit, Twist, and Side Bend

With your hands behind your head, back elbows out to the side, keep rotating from the midback area until you can finally get into a side bend pose. Make sure not to lean over or put too much weight on one shoulder during this exercise, as that would be unhealthy for the neck muscles and spine. 

Perform one set of 3 repetitions on each side, holding the end position for a second or two. We are looking for a light stretch or resistance in the midback area.

2. Rock and Roll

This exercise works best with the stability ball. Kneel, place your hands wide on the stability ball, then rotate to one side. We are working on rotating the midback area and then rocking to the other side.

Rock and Roll - Moves to Relieve Back Pain for Men

Rock and Roll

With this exercise, we’re focusing on the glutes and hamstrings. The spine can be twisted by a stable handstand position or on the ball with an open arm bar and hip drive twist. This movement is required for spinal stability, balance, and flexibility. When you’re twisting while working on the ground, it’s important to keep your knees bent against the floor so that no muscle group dominates as they rotate into their respective planes.

Perform one set of 3 repetitions on each side in a smooth, controlled movement, holding it for a second or two. We are looking for a light stretch or mobility movement in the midback.

3. Pretzel Stretch

Interweave and clasp your hands, then raise the elbows, focusing on the middle back. If you don’t have the needed flexibility to get in this position, do it to the best of your capability.

Pretzel Stretch

Pretzel Stretch

The hands should be clasped tight, and bring the elbows up, focusing on a point between them. The hands are turned inwards toward each other, facing down over the level of the eyes. This position will stretch your chest and back and the muscles in between. Keep these points in mind while doing this exercise to maintain proper alignment with the spine.

Perform one set of 2 repetitions holding it for 10 to 15 seconds with a light stretch intensity.

So, there you go. These are three must-do middle back pain relief exercises for men.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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