4 Ways to End Elbow Pain

4 Ways To End Elbow Pain

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Today, I’ll share with you some tips on how to get rid of your elbow pain.


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#1 – Eliminate Unnecessary Stress on the Elbows

If you are working out your upper body, gripping, rowing, or any activity that involves using your elbows, decrease the stress on the elbow. If you decrease the unnecessary stress on the elbows, it allows the elbows to recover, heal, and get rid of the elbow pain.

#2 – Do Not Use Too Much Force

Do not use too much force

If you are doing rowing movements, you can tend to overdo it and wear out your wrists. You are probably curling with the wrist, gripping hard, and pulling with the biceps. You have to decrease the force and use as much force as you need in the hand. Do not overgrip.

#3 – Utilize the Shoulders

If we are doing heavy movements, we tend to use the hands, the wrist and the biceps a lot more. You should use the large muscles in the shoulders to complete the movement.

Utilize the shoulders

When performing a rowing movement, keep your wrist is in neutral, focus on pulling through with the elbows, and the movement happening in the midback, shoulders, and lats. There isn’t a lot of curling movement or biceps doing the work. The elbows are pulled back, but the majority of the work is in the shoulders. If you suffer from elbow pain when rowing or doing any type of pulling movement, try to do the movement from the shoulders. Let your shoulders do the work.

#4 – Target Trigger Points in the Elbow

Bend your elbow and work your way through the outer part of the muscle, looking for sensitive areas. When you find a sensitive area, press on it. When it relaxes, move to the next one.

Target trigger points in the elbow

Ideally, look for at least five sensitive areas on the outer and inner parts of the elbow. Do not look for 10 or 20 because we don’t want to irritate the tissues and lead to more pain.

So, those are the four steps to relieve elbow pain.

Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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