3 Keys to Ageless Energy with Dawn Sylvester – Part 2

3 Keys to Ageless Energy with Dawn Sylvester – Part 2

Here’s the second part of my interview with Dawn Sylvester. Watch the video below as we talk more about the keys to Ageless Energy.

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In the above interview, you will discover:

  • Keys to Ageless energy
  • Healthy foods to jump-start your energy level
  • Importance of protein in your weight-loss diet
  • How your energy level affects your ability to lose weight
  • Her new book called Final Fat Meltdown

I hope you enjoyed the interview. If you missed the 1st part of the interview, you could watch it here.

Watch out for it. Take care, and have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS

3 Keys to Ageless Energy

There are certain obvious secrets to “ageless” energy, yet most never even consider them. Most of us don’t know about the foods that give you energy and keep the aging process in check. And there is no question about which drinks provide a natural boost to your mood and stamina. Sure, we all want to feel like we don’t waste our lives away worrying about getting older, but it’s hard when you’re just as tired as ever. So, let’s start by eliminating the common misconception that nutrition is not as important as exercise. Let’s eliminate the notion that working out is all you need to stay energetic and healthy into your old age. We have to do something.

1. Protein

Keys to Ageless Energy

The second key to ageless energy is probably not eliminating foods without labels but adding protein. As we age, we lose muscle unless we are actively involved in a strength training program. But if you don’t have the energy to work out, you will not have any muscle to put on in the first place. So consume protein from lean sources like organic or grass-fed animals and avoid low-fat yogurts and cottage cheese. Again, Higher protein in your nutrition plan gives you the most energy and the least body fat.

It’s tough when most people talk about health and fitness on TV. The media, the marketing, and everything you see pushes for carbohydrates and eating more carbohydrates, while marketing messages about other nutritional nutrients are minimal. The big focus on all the diet stuff is focused on carbohydrates. Have a low amount of fat, a moderate amount of protein, and a lot of carbohydrates. We always know that carbs are energy and need good carbs, but why do we still have no energy?

2. Carbohydrates

Keys to Ageless Energy_2

Women are so focused on losing weight that they avoid carbohydrates entirely. Women need more healthy fats. Fats don’t make you fat. We’re not talking about going to McDonald’s and eating ice cream and hot fudge sundaes.

Many women say that when they wake up in the morning, they have a weird taste in their mouth, their stomach feels weird, their hormones are wacky, and they don’t feel like eating. Well, that’s the perfect time to make a smoothie. Who doesn’t want to drink a creamy, tasty smoothie in the morning? You can use coconut oil, chia seeds, raw tart cherries, and a little bit of grass-fed protein powder. It’s got healthy protein, the healthy fat, and this will surely energize you.

3. Functional Exercises

The third key is exercising to maintain functional strength throughout your life. When we were kids, we used to play outside all day. We walked everywhere but eventually changed our world and started driving around and using escalators instead of stairs. We lose the opportunity to make our functional muscles work by either sitting for a  long time or living a sedentary lifestyle. Even if you don’t want to continue a strength-training program as you age, it’s just to keep your functional strength.

senior woman with dumbbell

We want to keep enough energy and don’t want our metabolism to slow down while burning calories. Weightlifting is a key to ageless energy because it helps to maintain your muscle mass, even as you age. If you don’t want to lift weights, try yoga. Yoga can keep your muscles strong, balanced, and flexible by getting your functional muscles working as you age. A good balance program will help you maintain coordination to live independently and safely for a lifetime.

Women’s energy levels are changing, and it’s good that we are now doing away from the “fitness craze” of the 80s. If we’re trying to rebuild our energy levels, we need quality food, not more exercise and less food. It’s not just all about that long-term outcome. It’s also about condensing the little daily steps.

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