How to Get Ageless Energy with Dawn Sylvester

How to Get Ageless Energy with Dawn Sylvester

There are ways to rejuvenate your body and mind, so you feel like your energetic younger self again. The following are some simple tips on how to get ageless energy again.

I just finished up my trip to Nashville. One of the people I met was Dawn Sylvester. It was great to see and chat with her. We talked about energy and age.

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There’s a saying that goes “You’re only as old as you feel”But what if you feel old, sluggish, and worn out?

Is there a way to get your energy back?

Today, I will share with you this interview I had with Dawn Sylvester as we talk about Ageless Energy.

Watch the video below to know how you can increase your life energy and start feeling your absolute best.

How to Get Ageless Energy with Dawn Sylvester

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In the above interview, you will discover:

  • Who is Dawn Sylvester?
  • What is Ageless Energy?
  • Dawn’s journey to regain optimal health and ageless energy
  • #1 key to Ageless Energy
  • Understanding food labeling nutrition and its effect on women’s hormones

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

That was part 1. I will be back with part 2, tomorrow.

Watch out for it.

Take care and have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS

If you are unable to view or listen to the interview, check out the transcript below.

Rick: Hey! This is Rick Kaselj from I wanted to welcome you to another interview. I’m quite sure you’ve seen my past interviews when it relates to injury, pain, health and fitness. And this interview I’m really excited about. We’re going to talk about ageless energy which is what Dawn is all about. I won’t introduce Dawn. I will get her to introduce herself. You will see through the computer or the TV the energy she ends up having. So, Dawn, I’ll get you to introduce yourself.

Dawn: Hi Rick. Thank you for having me today. I am super excited to be here, here in the internet world and I’m looking forward to this talking about energy. Energy is a big thing that most women complain they don’t have so I’m really looking forward to helping everybody with some tips and how to reclaim that.

Rick: Who is Dawn?

We’re going to chat about Ageless Energy but just to give you a little bit more of a background about Dawn. Dawn’s a gym owner, being a guest speaker for women’s group on anti-aging, contributor to Oxygen magazine, and has been a guest blogger on Cygen Labs and Suggestic Fitness sites also receiving an expert author award from Ezine Articles. She’s the author of the wildly successful eBook Final Fat Meltdown a plan that reboots sluggish energy levels and kick-starts women’s metabolic rates back to youthful levels without starving or endless cardio. She’s a co-owner of a gym with her husband and has coached women into a lifestyle of energy fat loss and vitality for over 20 years.

A X- cardio Queen

Dawn is a confessed X-cardio queen and fad dieter. In her 20s she did back-to-back aerobics classes, and aerobic marathons owned a treadmill and step mill and was heavier than she is now after having a child at 36 and being 50 plus now. Dawn has helped over a thousand women revitalize their bodies and take control of their weight and energy levels. Now you have a better idea of who Dawn is. So, we’ll start off with what is Ageless Energy.

senior woman with energy

Dawn: It’s one of my favorite terms and I just kind of came up with it the other day and now it’s become a fav. I’ve also done hair for 28 years so I stand behind the chair 3 ½ days a week, I work in our gym 2 1/2 days a week, now I have this wildly successful online business that energizes me even more. But when I ask women what your biggest issue in life is, most women would think it would be time management but most women say that they’re tired.

Energizer Bunny

They’re constantly tired. They don’t have the energy to do things. And I’ve been called the Energizer Bunny and do I have a magic potion and how do I get my energy. I don’t even know if you know this about me but I actually have a thyroid disorder and an autoimmune disorder that really keeps women lethargic, overweight and having a whole lot of chronic issues which I’ve had to force myself even more than my normal energy levels to eat healthy and really reclaim my health so that those bad words don’t define me.

Rick: Wow!

Dawn: So Ageless Energy is being able to get through the day and not following fads and trends and coaching women to be able to do the same and to keep doing it.

Rick: Awesome. Maybe you can kind of share a few like you talked a little of bits and pieces, you know, hairdresser, you’ve had some chronic conditions in the past and your hairdressing and you have the gym and also now you’re helping people online.

Maybe talk about your journey expanding a little bit more on an X-cardio queen and fad dieter and talk a little bit of your journey how you have tried it all and now you’re where you’re at. At 50 and looking better at 50 than you did at 36.

Dawn: Thank you. Actually 55 soon to be 56 but if I can help people feel like I feel then that’s what my job is and it makes me happy to be able to do that. My journey, it’s kind of a classic one, that I want to help women get to where I am now because what I used to do is what I think so many women do.

Less Food and More Exercise

I followed the idea that less food and more exercise means that tight, fit, sexy body which if you look in my final fat meltdown page I had to put a before picture up there. People would never believe that I was severely overweight, unhappy, irritable, and angry, and that was me.

I did back to back, I did a 12-hour aerobic marathon when I was 40 lbs. overweight. I mean it’s unreal to think of what I did. And then I came home and drank a diet pop and a low fat and a no fat and all these trendy words that I didn’t sleep well and I was not happy.

What really transformed me was, I was the first in the front of the class all the time in my aerobics class, six times a week. And we had a substitute teacher one day and she had the fittest tightest most energized body and attitude.

So of course I stayed after and I was like, “I want to be just like you” and she’s like, “Well, then get out of this class” and I’m like, “What? Like take another class?” and she says, “No. Start eating some food. I can tell that you’re really having a hard time getting through these classes”, where I thought I was like the stellar student, you know? And she said she never did cardio.

Bodyweight Stuff

And I said, “Wait a minute. What do you mean you never do cardio? That’s how you lose weight, right?” And then she said, “No. I just do bodyweight stuff, a little bit of weight lifting, sometimes a little heavy weights here and there”.

And I literally, I don’t know, something must have flipped a switch in my head because I had been doing what I had done for so long and I was so miserable. And that beating a dead horse over and over and over to get the same exact result. You have to change your mind before your body will change. So I think I changed my mind quickly and started adapting little teeny things of what she said, still being resistant like so many women are.

Started Getting Away from Cardio

And when I started getting away from cardio, chronic cardio, I had more energy. When I started eating foods that didn’t say diet on it or lean cuisine or didn’t have those stereotypical words low-fat, low-sugar, I started to really become energized. And first thing is I started to lose inches.

Of course I was a slave to the scale. I wanted to lose “weight”. Well now I tell women I don’t care what you weigh. What do you feel like?
How strong are you? How energized are you? And how much muscle do you have on your body? So long story short, my transformation took place. I started seeing a huge difference in about 30 days. In 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, I think I lost a total of like 42 inches and was down to like a size 4.

Rick: Wow!

Dawn: It was doing the exact opposite of what women think you should do. I literally ate more. I exercised less. Also, when I turned 50 I felt like I never really had a personal goal with an end at it. And I felt like I had transformed my body so much I had been personally training women, we just opened our gym, I have a very supportive husband and I decided to do a bodybuilding show. And I came in, out of 23 women being the oldest woman where they almost were going to enter me in my own little slot and I was like, “No, no. I want to be with the other girls”. I came in 5th place out of 23 women in a Senior Bodybuilding Show and it was awesome.

Do Things That Energize You

I mean, when you do things that energize you and it’s a vicious circle that goes upward. So now, not only do I stay energized but I’m always trying to figure out how can I help other people have what I have. And that’s why I wrote Final Fat Meltdown.

senior woman exercising

Rick: It’s a great story, it’s a great journey. The key thing that we’re going to focus in on was Ageless Energy. Let’s go through the three keys to Ageless Energy and I saw bits and pieces from your story but maybe we can really kind of highlight those three and expand on them a little bit more. So what would be the first key that people would need to do in order to get ageless energy?

Dawn: So, I think the first thing is preparing. So, when women say they don’t have time and they can’t eat healthy and they have to skip breakfast, you know, women are so concerned with the outcome that they don’t focus on the little daily steps that can make huge differences. It isn’t that you have to worry about losing 25 or 40 lbs. How about just not eating foods that say diet?

So, I guess the number one thing would be eating foods maybe that don’t even have a label, maybe even for two days and then after two days, three days, not low-fat, low-sugar, prepackaged. Basically a chemical storm with women’s hormones. I mean, we are slaves to our hormones. Sorry guys, I mean you just don’t get it.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

For many, eating a healthy breakfast is as important as getting a good night’s sleep. Eating a good breakfast can kick-start your metabolism, providing your body with the energy it needs to function at full capacity for the rest of the day. Skipping breakfast can put you at risk of feeling tired, experiencing mood swings, and putting on weight. When you don’t eat breakfast, your body produces less dopamine and serotonin, two important neurotransmitters that keep your moods balanced. By eating a healthy breakfast rich in slow-releasing carbs, protein, and fibre, you can help your body to function at its full potential.

Rick: We are slaves to your hormones as well. (laughing)

Dawn: Well, it’s true. There are women, there are men and they would have to fall prey to our hormones, right. But a starving woman or a woman on a diet is probably the meanest woman that you’ll ever find. So I feel like also a woman that’s loaded with chemicals. And if you’re loaded with chemicals you’re not going to set your body up for fat loss or energy. So I mean the number one thing I guess in answer to your question is eating real foods that don’t have labels or ingredients that you recognize. That’s probably the first number one step.

Rick: I like that. Eating things that don’t have a label. That’s really a good analogy. Awesome.

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