3 Short Shuttle Exercises to Increase Speed and Agility

Hey, it is about time to head outside and do your workout.

One idea is to go to your local basketball or tennis court and do the workout below.


~ Rick Kaselj, MS


How to Improve at Short Shuttles – Short Run Drills (Suicides)

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These exercises are great for anybody looking to gain some athletic movement, as well as increase speed and agility on the core. Short shuttles, also known as suicides, are great for developing speed and agility for athletic performance.

#1 – Forward Short Shuttle

You can use cones, basketball court, line to line, football field or whatever depending on your level of comfort. In this workout, we use a basketball court starting at a baseline, going in the free throw line, half court, free throw, baseline and then return back. You are emphasizing proper foot place on the turn, rotating your body to change directions before you can get to the line. This will help you get off the line on the court a lot faster.

Forward Short Shuttle

Forward Short Shuttle

The short shuttle is a quick short burst of speed or sprint to a line and returning back to its original starting line. So, the emphasis is on the turn. Make sure your feet are properly placed on the line and turn before you get to the line. You definitely want to ease into the lines because if you don’t, you will fall forward or you will injure your knee, hips or back.

#2 – Lateral Three Line Short Shuttle

Lateral Three Line Short Shuttle

Lateral Three Line Short Shuttle

You are starting at the middle. You can pick out maybe 5 or 10 yards.  You are going from the free throw line and the baseline, half court then back to the free throw. You are standing in a nice athletic stance shuffling sideways and getting down low touching the line. You are going across to the half of the line then back to the free throw line. Make sure you are standing low on this, eyes up and feet parallel. You don’t want to hunch the back too much because you will lose power and breathing capacity once you start rounding the back.

#3 – Reverse Short Shuttle

Reverse Short Shuttle

Reverse Short Shuttle

You are starting in a free throw line and travel forward to the half court line all the way back to the baseline then back to the free throw line. The emphasis on here is the quick change of direction, forward and backward. For this one, you are starting backward run all the way from the baseline to half the court and then reverse run back to the free throw line. Again, the emphasis is on the foot placement and then getting down low into the turns. This will help you get off the line a lot quicker and also reduce your chance of injury.

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