4 Great Cone Drills to Improve Speed

4 Great Cone Drills to Improve Speed

Speed is one of the most important aspects of a baseball player’s game. Every pitcher has it, but some pitchers are naturally fast and some need to work on their speed to perform well. It’s also important for batters to have good speed as well, it can be the difference between making a hit or getting out. One way you can improve your speed is with a cone drill. Cone drills exercise provide an easy way of training, and they help you learn how to pick up the ball quickly and take off running with it. Here are four cone drills exercise that will help you improve your speed.

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What is Cone Drill?

A cone drill is a way to focus on agility and coordination by setting up cones in different patterns and having players weave through them. You can also use cones to create a series of obstacles that players must jump over or run around. The variations are endless, so you’ll want to experiment with different patterns and obstacles.

Cone drills are great for warming up or cooling down before or after practice, as well as used during the practice itself. They’re also excellent for adding variety to any workout routine that involves running, jumping, or skipping.

Why you Should Use a Cone Drill?

Cone drills are the kind of exercise routine that focuses on short distances and fast movements. Typically, they’re done in timed sets or until burnout. Here are five proven benefits of using cones as part of your exercise routine:

  • You’ll be able to see your progress with these exercises because you will be working out from a distance within them.
  • Cone drills focus on different muscle groups than other workouts, so it is beneficial for cardiovascular health.
  • The use of cones can help build stamina and anaerobic capacities for sports like basketball, soccer, or football.
  • With cone training, you get more total bodywork a day which helps improve overall fitness levels.
  • This type of workout improves flexibility while reducing impact force (which decreases injuries).
  • You will lose much more weight by concentrating on the exercises proven to boost your metabolism for as long as possible. Those workouts work out major muscle groups in your body while also forcing a lot of cardiovascular function, and they keep you burning calories days after it is over while leading to better results than other types of exercise like cardio.

Important Things to Remember when Using Cone Drill

In order to make this whole cone routine easier on the joints use low cones that are about knee height or lower so they can go into place more easily with knees bent and feet flat on the ground instead of lifting them off at an angle like high ones would require. 

You should also be sure that there’s nothing (like loose gravel) in the space around each set up for these drills because too much movement will put unnecessary stress onto your ankles, shins, shoulders, etc. This drill requires some good balance from both sides which makes it harder but when done properly you’ll see just how useful this tool can be through achieving higher levels of success over time by playing around with different movements within its confines.

1. Standard 4 Cone Box Drill

Standard 4 Cone Box Drill

Standard 4 Cone Box Drill

This is great for developing speed, quickness and agility for any short burst athletes who need to get off a line quickly or react to a ball rapidly. You are traveling forward for the first exercise, focusing on foot placements. You are getting down preparing for the next turn, lowering the body into the turn and getting a good twist to get to the next cone. Try to run in a straight line as much as possible.

2. Lateral Shuffle

Lateral Shuffle

Lateral Shuffle

You will face the center of the box. Your feet must stay parallel. You have to keep an eye for the cones out of your peripheral vision. You are traveling laterally all the way around the cones, focusing on pivoting and turning quickly at each count.

3. Backwards Shuffle
Backwards Shuffle

Backwards Shuffle

This is also referred to as reverse run. You definitely have to keep an eye out for foot placement on this, as you can’t see the cone coming up. Quickly use your peripheral vision to find the cone. Once you see the cone, lower your body down, slow your feet down, lots of little steps then get a good push off the ground to the next cone. You want to make sure you try to run as straight of a line as possible. So you are not taking any unwanted steps.

4. Cone Drill Combo

Cone Drill Combo

Cone Drill Combo

This last exercise combines all three of the movements; forward, lateral and rear. Face one direction the entire time. You have to make sure that you know exactly where you are going. You have to keep an eye of the cone so you are prepared for the next step as you approach the next cone.

In all of these exercises, make sure that you are doing them in both directions. You will start out to the left in one exercise. Then next start out to the right so we are getting both movements down.

A cone drill is a fundamental skill that any basketball player should master. It is an essential part of the game and has many benefits, including improving speed and agility. If you are looking to improve your speed, these four drills will help.

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