4 Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Neck Pain

Yesterday, I was at a local neighborhood filming some YouTube videos. The videos were not for me, but for my brother who is setting up a basketball YouTube channel. I will let you know as soon as his channel is ready.

Looking at my YouTube channel, I already have over 750 videos when it relates to pain and injury. I have shared one of them below, discussing neck and shoulder pain.

Enjoy the 3-minute routine for your neck and shoulder pain relief.

~ Rick


In today’s video, I will go through a 3-minute shoulder neck pain relief exercises routine.

3-Minute Shoulder Neck Pain Relief Exercises Routine

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

I got Donnalee to demonstrate.

#1 – Legs on a Chair

Legs on a Chair

Legs on a Chair

Lie down and place your legs on a chair. This relaxed position provides your neck and shoulders with a chance to relax.  Hold this position for about 30 seconds.

#2 – Chin Tucks

Chin Tucks

Chin Tucks

Sit upright, bring your chin back, feeling the pressure at the back of your head. Hold for a couple of seconds and then relax. Do 5 repetitions, holding the end position for a second or two.

#3 – Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder Rolls

Sit upright with your hands to your sides. Raise your shoulders, roll them back, and then return to the starting position. The rolling back motion is the most important part. We are contracting the muscle to give it a chance to relax more. Do one set of 5 repetitions.

#4 – Elbow Grab and Side Bend

Elbow Grab and Side Bend

Elbow Grab and Side Bend

In a sitting position, reach over and grab your elbow and bend towards one side. You will feel a strong stretch on your side. Hold the end position for about 10 seconds on each side. Do 2 repetitions on each side.

Do these four exercises anytime throughout the day. This routine will certainly help you with your shoulder neck pain.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS