3 Tips to Battle a Lower Back Pain Flare Up

Something happened to me while I was working out. I tweaked and flared up my back.

I have been lucky that it has been two years since I really flared up my back. I wanted to share some tips that I do when my back flares up.

Tips for Lower Back Pain Flare Up


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#1 – Keep Moving

I try to keep walking and keep moving around to loosen up my back. This prevents my muscles in my lower back from tightening and locking up.

#2 – Deep Breathing

I try to do deep breathing. While I am doing that deep belly breathing, I try to focus on relaxing my muscles in my lower back.

#3 – Activate Deep Core Muscles

When I am not upright or when I need to bend and reach for something, I try to remind myself to activate those deep core muscles and pelvic floor muscles. Through this, I will be able to relearn the firing pattern of activating those deep muscles to stabilize my back. I focus on the pain side of things. There are a number of things that I do in getting my mobility back when my back flares up.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS