3 Tips to Battle a Lower Back Pain Flare Up

3 Tips to Battle a Lower Back Pain Flare Up

Something happened to me while I was working out. I tweaked and flared up my back. You or someone you know has likely dealt with back pain. Maybe you went to reach for something quick and you felt a painful twinge in your lower back. Or, maybe you have a dull, aching pain in the low back. You are not alone, and luckily there are many things you can do to help get through a flare-up.

I have been lucky that it has been two years since I really flared up my back. I wanted to share some tips that I do when my back flares up.

Tips for Lower Back Pain Flare Up

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#1 – Keep Moving

I try to keep walking and keep moving around to loosen up my back. This prevents my muscles in my lower back from tightening and locking up. Try not to tense up too much either, as this will signal to your body that something is wrong and your muscles may tighten up, trying to protect you. You want to keep your muscles moving and work to maintain mobility in your lower back. Avoid any movements that cause sharp or hot pain, but try to move gently, even if it is uncomfortable.

#2 – Deep Breathing

I try to do deep breathing. While I am doing that deep belly breathing, I try to focus on relaxing my muscles in my lower back. You can do this from lying down to start. While lying comfortably on your back, start to notice your breath. Notice what the sensations of your inhale and exhale feel like. Once you start feeling relaxed, begin to welcome your breath lower into your belly. Gently breathe into your low belly, feeling your belly expand up like a balloon, and then back down as you exhale. Each time you exhale, imagine releasing the tension from your lower back. You can practice this type of breathing anytime, anywhere, and in any position. This is a great way to relieve stress in any situation.

#3 – Activate Deep Core Muscles

When I am not upright or when I need to bend and reach for something, I try to remind myself to activate those deep core muscles and pelvic floor muscles. Through this, I will be able to relearn the firing pattern of activating those deep muscles to stabilize my back. Often, back pain is the result of muscle imbalances, such as a weak core. You need a strong core to stabilize your spine, and when the core is weak or not firing properly, you can tweak your back. Once you have recovered from your low back pain to the point where you can exercise, make sure to prioritize work on your core, especially the deep core muscles.

I focus on the pain side of things. There are a number of things that I do in getting my mobility back when my back flares up. Give the tips in this article a go, and let me know how you feel.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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