How Challenges Can Help Your Bootcamp with Shawna Kaminski

How Challenges Can Help Your Bootcamp with Shawna Kaminski

Boot camps are very intense. You’ve probably heard of coding bootcamps before. These intense programs aim to prepare you for a new career in as little time as possible. In most cases, that means fast-paced courses and accelerated learning. Students can expect to learn a great deal in a brief period. Bootcamps are great when you need a new skill and get a job quickly.

Working out at the gym can get pretty boring. It’s challenging to stay motivated and keep track of your goals when doing the same old routine daily. 

Working out is challenging for everyone, so most people need a little push before hitting that gym membership again. 

With Shawna Kaminski, she will incorporate the importance of boot camp challenges into your workouts. She created a fitness boot camp challenge in which a trainer takes their clients for further workout challenges. 

It’s something that they would do at the beginning of the month with some training variations that they can do once a week and then take a test at the end of it. Through this, the clients get empowered and motivated by fun challenges.

In a Bootcamp, it helps with retention as well because people are getting results they’re seeing. It’s like very quantifiable. It’s kind of fun where people like friendly competition. Like internal, maybe within the group as well. It helps them focus on workout challenges.

Tips for Better Boot Camp Classes and Workouts

When you think of a boot camp class, you probably picture a group performing intense physical exercises with little time to catch their breath. It’s not just about running and lifting weights, though. 

A good boot camp class has a balanced combination of cardio and strength training exercises, making it an effective way to improve your overall fitness in a short period. 

If you want optimal results from your boot camp classes and workouts, it helps to have some strategies and ideas beforehand. Your trainers may give tips on performing the exercises as best as possible or what equipment to use for the most effective results. 

There are also ways to make the experience more enjoyable that go beyond just being prepared physically for the exercise session ahead. Follow these tips for better boot camp classes and workouts:

Change your routine

You may find that you prefer specific exercises over others, and that’s normal. However, varying your routine can help prevent a plateau in your fitness levels. 

Boot camp classes are a great way to try new exercises and discover the movements and activities most effective for you. You may find that certain practices you don’t usually like are accommodating. 

You can also do this by trying different workouts or activities. Certain types of exercise may be better for you if you are new to exercising or have a low level of fitness, based on your personal preferences. The more challenging and varied your exercise routine, the faster you can expect to see results. 

You may even find that you enjoy exercising more when you have a variation in your workouts. Your routine may change throughout the year as you get closer to different holidays or the seasons change. 

You may want to add more fitness to your schedule during the cold winter months when you don’t want to go outside as much, or you may want to add more wellness to your plan during the hot summer months when it’s easier to stay indoors.

Check in with your body.

Your trainers will likely give you tips on performing the exercises as best as possible or what equipment to use for the most effective results, but you should also be checking in with your body. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s essential to stop and avoid causing injury. 

Your body may also give you other signs that it’s not ready for specific exercises. For example, you may be able to lift certain weights, but certain ones may make your muscles shake when you try to raise them. 

You may also find that specific exercises cause you to become dizzy or nauseous. While these could be signs you need to take a break, you should let your trainers know if you experience any of these issues so they can help you determine the best course of action. 

You should also be aware of your breathing and how you’re feeling emotionally. Make sure you’re not holding your breath while exercising and taking enough breaths so you don’t feel lightheaded. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired, or frustrated, it’s best to take a break.

Go easy on your joints.

Boot camp classes are great for helping you improve your overall fitness, but they’re not a great way to lose weight. 

While you may burn more calories during a boot camp class than during a low-impact cardio exercise like walking, you’re likely not burning as many calories as you would during a high-impact weightlifting session. 

You may be tempted to push yourself to lift as much weight as possible, but you don’t want to overdo it with your joints. Avoid doing exercises that put unnecessary pressure on your joints, like squats, or may cause you to overextend your joints, like crunches. 

If an exercise causes pain or discomfort, don’t do it. When you don’t push yourself too hard during your workouts, you increase your chances of getting injured and enjoying regular boot camp classes for extended periods.

Bring the right equipment.

It may seem like bringing more equipment to a Bootcamp class is counterproductive, but there are a few items that you may want to consider including in your bag. If you’re prone to cramping, you may want to bring a handheld spinner or towel. 

You may also want to include a water bottle in your bag to stay hydrated while exercising. If you suffer from allergies, you may want to pack a pair of allergy-fighting gloves while you’re in boot camp class. If prone to blisters, you may also want to bring a pair of athletic socks.

Don’t be afraid to take breaks.

Sometimes, even if you don’t experience any pain or discomfort, it’s best to take a break from your exercise routine. Be sure to let your trainers know if you feel any pain or discomfort, but don’t feel like you have to push through exercises if you’re tired, experiencing a lot of stress, or just not feeling yourself. 

You may want to take a break after every exercise if you’re tired, or you may need to take a crack at the end of the class. If you’ve been exercising for a long time, it may be a good idea to take a day off to rest and recover so that you’re better prepared to exercise again. 

You may also consider visiting a doctor if you feel pain during or after an exercise session. While you may be sore, you may have an injury that requires medical attention.

Learn how to fall correctly

A good Bootcamp class will help you improve your overall strength and flexibility, but it’s also essential to ensure you’re learning how to fall correctly. 

You may need to fall a few times when you’re doing specific exercises, such as when you’re doing squats and need to drop down to the ground. Lowering correctly can help reduce the risk of injury, so it’s essential to practice falling at the right angle. 

You want your knees to be slightly bent and your hands in front of you as a cushion. You also want to keep your head and neck as relaxed as possible.

Be proud of what you can achieve.

Bootcamp classes are a great way to build your confidence and become more comfortable with challenging yourself. You may want to push yourself, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t complete specific exercises or can’t lift certain weights. 

Bootcamp classes are for people at all fitness levels, so don’t feel like you have to prove yourself or that you’re not good enough for the course if you can’t lift as much weight as other people or you have trouble keeping up. 

You’re there to do what’s best for your body and what you can handle. Be proud of what you can do and keep improving as you progress.

Bottom line

Bootcamp classes are a great way to improve your fitness and motivate you to exercise regularly. When you want to get the most out of boot camp classes and workouts, it helps to follow these tips for better boot camp classes and activities.

Rick Kaselj, MS