3 Tips to Stop Elbow Pain When Working Out

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We walked around Denver yesterday, and I found it so beautiful walking around the town at sunset.

Sunset at Denver

Today, I have a couple of quick fixes that you can do to get rid of elbow pain when working out.

Enjoy the article and video below.

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I got Donnalee to demonstrate.

#1 – Gripping the Bar

Gripping the Bar

Gripping the Bar

Over gripping puts unnecessary stress on the elbow and the elbow area. You have to grip to whatever level you need to perform the exercise.

#2 – Wrist Work

Wrist Work

Wrist Work

Excessive wrist movement puts unnecessary stress on the elbow. You need to work on keeping the wrists in neutral and pulling through the elbows.

#3 – Right Mix of Workout

If you do too much barbell work, a lot of dumbbell work or too much chin-up bar work, you are putting a lot of stress in the elbows. Try to mix up the different types of tools that you are utilizing in your workout. If you use machines, barbells, dumbbells, tubing or other types of grips, try to mix things up so that your elbows will have a chance to recover.

Give those three quick fixes a go to help you overcome elbow pain when working out.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS