3 Tips to Stop Elbow Pain When Working Out

3 Tips to Stop Elbow Pain When Working Out

As we age, many of us experience an array of joint pains. One that’s often overlooked and can cause pain when working out is elbow pain. This is because muscles, tendons, and ligaments surround the elbow joint. It may happen from overuse and repetitive movements, but it’s also possible from muscle strains and sprains. Elbow pain can be a frustrating experience and prevent people from working out or doing everyday tasks. Whether you have an injury or pain, these three tips for stopping elbow pain will help you recover quickly.

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1. Gripping the Bar Correctly

Many people may not even know that they are gripping the bar too tightly. Learning how to grip a bar and not strain your wrist and elbow joints is important. Using your palm when supporting your weight is best, with a slight bend in your wrist to allow for a full range of motion. This will prevent unnecessary pressure on your wrists and elbows, leading to pain and injury.

Gripping the Bar

Gripping the Bar

Also, don’t let your hands slip on the bar as you perform reps. This can put too much stress on the ligaments and tendons in the elbow. A good way to avoid this is by wrapping a towel around the bar and then holding onto both ends of the towel with your hands to stop elbow pain

2. Wrist Workout

Many people know that wrist pain is a common side effect of a workout, but it can also be caused by bad posture. Wrist pain can result from working out while the shoulders are rounded and elbows bent. To avoid this, stand tall with your shoulders back and your elbows straight.

Excessive wrist movement puts unnecessary stress on the elbow. Wrist workouts are a great way to avoid elbow pain. They target the muscles and tendons in your wrist and help build stronger muscles. In addition, wrist workouts strengthen the joints in your wrists and wrists, reducing the potential for injury.

Wrist Work

Wrist Work

Excessive wrist movement puts unnecessary stress on the elbow. It would help if you worked on keeping the wrists in neutral and pulling through the elbows.

3. Right Mix of Workout

Try to mix up the different types of tools you utilize in your workout. If you do too much barbell work, dumbbell work, or chin-up bar work, you are putting a lot of stress on the elbows. If you use machines, barbells, dumbbells, tubing, or other types of grips, try to mix things up so that your elbows will have a chance to recover.

Try cycling through different workouts that are easy on the joints. This can include running or going for a swim. If your pain still happens when exercising, it’s time to work on strength training and stretching exercises for the elbow joint.


The elbow is an essential joint for your body to move around. Don’t let it get the best of you! It’s common for us to experience pain and injury, but if you learn these tips and exercises, you can relieve yourself of elbow pain.

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