3 Yoga Exercises for Back Pain Relief

3 Yoga Exercises for Back Pain Relief

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Today, I want to share a video and article that will show some quick yoga-like back exercises that will help you eliminate back pain.


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In today’s video, I will go through 3 back pain relief yoga poses.

3 Back Pain Relief Yoga Poses

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I got Donnalee to demonstrate.

#1 – Legs On The Wall Rotating In And Out

Legs On The Wall Rotating In And Out

Legs On The Wall Rotating In And Out

Lie on a mat on the floor and bring your legs up against the wall. Your legs should be at a 60-70 degree angle. Rest your legs on the wall and focus on rotation. Your thigh rotates in and out, targeting the rotator muscles of the hip. If you have back pain, those muscles tighten up. This exercise will help to loosen those muscles, decreasing the stress on the low back. Do 5 repetitions in each direction, for a total of 10 movements. Progress to one set of 10 repetitions.

#2 – Piriformis Stretch

Piriformis Stretch

Piriformis Stretch

Target the rotators in the hip, as they play a big role when it comes to back pain. Lie on the floor and bend both of your knees, using your muscles to bring the knee out. Look for a light stretch in the hip area. When you feel that light stretch, hold it for 20 seconds, then relax. Move over to the other side and hold that for 20 seconds. Go through the exercise on both sides. If you find this too easy, you can intensify the exercise by pushing your leg out to the point where you feel a slight stretch.

#3 – Press Up

Press Up

Press Up

We are working on the mobility in the back. Lie on the mat with your hands at shoulder height. Press up and arch your back, trying to arch in the whole spine before lowering back down. Do 5 repetitions, holding it for a second or two and at the top point, and then lowering back down. Progress to 10 repetitions. Go through the exercise in a smooth controlled movement and with each repetition, try to go a little bit farther to work on the mobility in the back.

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