4 Exercises to Fix Your Posture and Ease Your Back Pain

4 Exercises to Fix Your Posture and Ease Your Back Pain

here are many things you can do to fix your posture. These include changing your posture throughout the day, performing posture-improving exercises, and making changes to your environment. Here are a few tips to help you fix your posture.

Who does not have poor posture?

Here are 4 exercises that you can do to help fix your posture and ease your back pain.

You can do them anywhere and no equipment is required.

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Hey! This is Rick Kaselj from ExercisesForInjuries.com and Fix My Back Pain.

Today I am going to go through 4 exercises to fix your posture and ease your back pain and I am going to get Orsy to go through them.

1. The Shoulder Blade Pinch


The first one ends up being the shoulder blade pinch.

What I am going to get Orsy to do is stand nice and upright. Her head, shoulders, and hips are in good alignment, and then she is squeezing those shoulder blades together.

Starting with a one or two-second hold and then progressing to a five-second hold.

2. The Single Roll Shoulder


 Then the next one is rolling one shoulder up and then done.

You would do it on one side and then roll the other side.

Alternating back and forth and going with five repetitions on each side.

3. Opening Up the Elbows

 And then the third one ends up being Opening up the Elbow.

Your hands are at the side of the head. Elbows are pointing straight out front and then we are opening up and we are opening that front of the shoulder area. Coming to hold and then coming back again and then opening up, holding for a couple of seconds and closing and opening up. So, going through five repetitions.

4. Doing the Wave


And then the last one ends up being Doing The Wave, reaching back a little bit.

You are going to have your arms straight in front of you, then lift them up and then you are going to arch out a bit in the mid-back area.

Key Points Of The Exercises and Why We Do Them

Now I am going to go through the four one more time, highlighting why we are doing each of them:

The first one was the Shoulder Blade Pinch and what we are doing is stretching out the front of the chest and waking up those muscles in the back to help your upper body align up properly.

Now the second one was the Single Shoulder Roll and once again we are loosening up the front of the shoulder, waking up those muscles around the shoulder blade to help with that upper body posture.

And then going to the, Opening Up the Elbows, and opening up. The same thing, we are working on those shoulder blades, opening them up and then opening up the front of the chest, even more, targeting a different part of that chest muscle.

And then fourth was Doing the Wave and arching back and what we are doing is we are loosening up the muscles on the side, loosening up that mid-back, and working on waking up all those shoulder blade muscles throughout the arm movement.

There you go, give those exercises a go-to fix your posture and ease your back pain.

Make sure to let me know how they go and if you have any questions.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

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