5 Out-Of-The-Box Client Getting Strategies

And today, I’m going to reveal 5 of the top out-of-the-box client-getting strategies for working for boot camps.

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After our interview, Steve realized that he had even more stuff to share that he forgot to mention during our interview.

He took the time to type this out and give you additional ways to get clients.

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#5 – The Fundraiser Method

This strategy is perfect if you are a Fit Body BootCamp owner or own an indoor fitness boot camp. But it also works for outdoor boot camps and in-studio personal training programs.

The concept is simple. You supply local businesses with your plastic gift cards to sell to raise money for their organization. They get to keep 100% of the profits. In other words, let’s say that your plastic gift cards are worth $100.

Plastic gift cards can be purchased from local businesses in exchange for a deep discount or outright sale. You’re helping local businesses raise money, so you’re getting free distribution of your plastic gift cards right into the hands of people who are willing to pay for them. Because people ‘pay’ for them, they will value them more, which means they will be more likely to use them.

5 local businesses that I am currently using the Fundraiser Method to generate tons of clients with:

1. Gymnastic Centers

Gymnastics centers work great because they constantly have to raise money for traveling to competitions, and they have an army of kids and moms to sell your cards.

Plus, they have experience selling candy bars and stuff like that to raise money.

2. Cheerleading Centers

Cheerleading centers have also been great match-ups for the Fundraiser Method because they need to raise money for competitions and travel.

And just like gymnastic centers, they are jam-packed with moms and energetic, cute kids to sell the crap out of your plastic gift cards.

3. High School Athletic Programs

High school athletic programs need to raise money for their teams. Have you ever had a neighborhood high school freshman football player knock on your door and ask you to buy advertising space to help raise money for their team?

Call your local high school and say you want to donate 5000 dollars (500 $100 plastic cards) to the athletic dept. And you need to speak to the ” booster club president.”

4. Preschools

Preschools work well because moms, who have money to spend on expensive preschools, walk-in five days a week to drop their kids off.

They won’t sell your plastic gift cards door to door, but you can set up a display for a week or two with your plastic gift cards in front of a sign that says, “Please help us raise money to buy a new (fill in the blank) for the children.

Take a $100 plastic gift card to (your fitness program) and leave a donation of 10 dollars or more at the front desk.”

5. Little League Baseball Organizations

And finally, Little League baseball organizations are excellent sources for the Fundraiser Method.

They will both have their kids sell your plastic gift cards door-to-door and also allow you to set up a table at their fields and deal with the cards.

Sometimes you can even get them to have volunteers to sit at the table at their games and sell the cards for you while you’re home kicking back 🙂

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