Make Running Your Bootcamp Easier

Make Running Your Bootcamp Easier

Running Your Bootcamp may be one of the best “jobs” out there!

You get to spend your days “Playing” outside, get your campers out, have fun and get fit…what’s not to love?

Well, something that’s not so great about running a Bootcamp is constantly coming up with new and exciting workouts week in and week out!bestbtcamp

You want to keep it fresh and fun for your clients, but circuits and intervals can only get so creative, right?

This is not the case if you use The Best Boot Camp Workouts program.

In this book, you’ll find super-fun, super-creative workouts that will keep your camps fresh for years.

Caroline Fitzgerald

Caroline Fitzgerald has been in business for over four and half years, and she has never repeated the same workout. (Perhaps there’s a connection?) Most of her clients have been with her for three years.

Oh, and her boot camp is outside, year-round in Maine! Not bad!

Working out with Caroline’s team has always inspired her to help her colleagues freshen up their workout routines (workout). In Best Boot Camp Workouts, her clients’ favorite workouts are included because she always enjoys creating workouts for her team (workout).

Check out Best BootCamp Workouts

  • Dubbed as the “Boot Camp Coach’s Bible,” to learn.
  • More than 50 workout formats (that’s formats, not just workouts meaning you can change the exercises and locations for an endless array of new activities).
  • Nearly 100 bodyweight exercises.
  • Plus some cool new things like partner combo exercises and more.

Caroline’s offering a special sale price this week for friends of Rick Kaselj, so be sure to grab your copy soon!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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