Mindset of an Ultra Successful Bootcamp Owner

The response for the bootcamp stuff has been great.

So I am running with it.

I have another interview for you.

We have talked about how to succeed with bootcamp, mistakes to avoid, and creating a great bootcamp workout.

Now let’s move to “mindset.”

When people hear mindset, they tend to fall asleep, but as you know, a successful athlete has a great mindset. Successful bootcamp owners need a specific mindset in order to be ultra successful.

The Mindset of an Ultra Successful Bootcamp Owner

These are the things he/she shares:

– The number one step to take in order to become an ultra successful bootcamp owner
– How to set up your brain for ultra success
– Importance of specificity
– The biggest road block preventing bootcamp owners from reaching ultra success
– Simple ways of overcoming your failure
– Importance of being in a group of bootcamp owners with a success mindset

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