5 REAL Tips On Improving Your Fitness Business, Helping More People and Making More Money – Part 3

Hey guys, Luka Hocevar from the Pack Fitness Business and Lifestyle here.

I am back with Part 3 of 5 REAL Tips On Improving Your Fitness Business, Helping More People and Making More Money.

If you missed the other parts, you can check out part 1 here and part 2 here.

Now onto part 3:

#4 – Offer Different Programs, Don’t Be A Boot Camp Business, Be a Results and Happiness Business

If you are running purely boot camps you not only have to ask yourself whether that is the best for your business but also whether that is the best offering to your clients. Do you really feel that your clients wouldn’t get more out of small group personal training or individualized semi-private personal training where you can screen, assess them more thoroughly and deliver the best program for them?

Don’t get it twisted, ALL your programs should be top-notch quality and you should always look to improve them but the truth is that you can always deliver more attention, individualization and coaching in a more private setting. Small group or semi-private is perfect as it gives the best of coaching as well as the best of the support group atmosphere.

The goal is to always progress people from boot camps to small group or semi-private training and have them continue boot camps as their metabolic work. We truly believe that is the best for the client and are transparent in what is best for them. Always be ethical and work with the person to figure out what is honestly best for them but make sure you have options to upgrade them as well as to down-sell some people that are interested in higher priced training but cannot afford it.

This allows you to create multiple revenue streams from different programs and then you can further niche your programs to different markets. For instance, our Vigor Strength Camp caters towards guys that want to build muscle, become stronger and more athletic. The Vigor Vixen program is catered towards women who want to be strong and are interested in stepping on stage for a bikini contest. Vigor Kettlebells teaches the RKC system of kettlebell training and is catered towards people that want to train in that system. Here are some options that we offer:

– Vigor Boot Camp
– Small Group Personal Training (Vigor Strength Camp, Vigor Vixens, Vigor Kettlebells)
– Vigor Power (Athlete Training)
– Vigor Speed (Speed Training Clinics)
– Semi-Private Personal Training

Each avatar represents a program in our facility and we offer different people options that fit what they want and need based on their why and their goals

The future of fitness business lies in programs and facilities that are able to adapt to the client and their needs and are progressive in learning while constantly applying that knowledge and delivering results.

At the end though, one thing still matters more than anything else…

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

#5 – Did I Say Do Charity Boot Camps??

More and more we have to go back to grass roots marketing as it is rooted in the community and it is based on social interaction, the power of the old school handshake, face to face time and showing that you care and are willing to share, give without “waiting” for anything in return.

The reason we do charity boot camps is because one of our core-values is to be Go-Givers (read the book by Bob Burg, it changed my perspective a lot). I want to help people that need it a lot more than I do and I love the feeling that I get when helping out. It inspires others to pay it forward and it brings the community together to help out people in need (we focus mostly on local organizations and causes).

I wanted to be a super-hero when I was wee young’n (still do!) and this is one of the best ways to become a hero in your local community while also exposing your business for having the right values and the best training in your area.

Oh, did I mention this generates hundreds (yes, hundreds) of leads a year. A boot camp we ran weeks ago had 130+ people in one class, of which 70 were completely new leads. That’s in 45 minutes. Think about that.

They don’t have to be weekly, like we do it, but you can do them once a month and make them an EVENT and really promote them as “the thing” to be at. So here is a little checklist:

– Pick a charity you are close to, your members might be close to, or something important that needs to be addressed in the community
– Set a date when you will be doing the event and give yourself 2-3 weeks to promote it
– Get everyone psyched up about it and create a “special” workout for it
– Have a DJ present that will give it the event and party feel. This creates insane energy!
– JV with local businesses to be at the event to promote their businesses while giving away free product (we’ve had a local supplement store, shoe store, Vitamin Water, Muscle Milk, etc.)
– Tell the story of why you are doing it and for whom. Stories and emotion get people to react much better than just telling them to come and participate
– Make it a can’t miss event and promote through Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, Blog, after every boot camp, flyers and banners in the gym, word of mouth, as well as through the JV partners that will be attending and supporting (who is evil enough to not support a charity cause?! I’ll make people feel bad about it!)
– Invite local celebrities, press release it before and after and get the local media involved
– Create a raffle give-away from JV partners and have small gifts for everyone (even if just a Vitamin Water) and WOW at every step of the way
– Everyone has to sign in (release of liability for new leads) and put their name, phone and e-mail down
– Bring the energy like never before and blow people away with what you do, how you do it and most importantly WHY you do it!
– Pay attention to what starts happening to your business…..

60+ people, 80+ people, 90+ people, 100+ people….all charity boot camp attendance in the last 4 months. All friends and family of current members! And we get to do it for a GREAT cause!

There are many, many ways of connecting to charities through your business and helping your community while growing your business. If you are nice I’ll give you some more 

Bottom line. Get. Involved. With. Charitable. Causes. NOW!

I hope that these real strategies help as they are coming from people that are actually using them and doing them in facilities that get results and grow day in and day out.

You may say this won’t work in my area. I have a facility in Seattle, a highly competitive fitness market. Steve is in Utica, NY, voted by Forbes as one of the top 10 worst cities in the US to have a business. It works there.

There are no excuses; you have to put in the work.

If you can bring back the art that has been mostly forgotten by many, “the hustle”, then you WILL dominate your area and have the business and the life you want.

Let’s go!!!

END OF PART 3, End of an amazing article..

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