Alwyn Cosgrove and Reps to Revenue Review


Lou Schuler and Alwyn Cosgrove sent me a gift in the mail. The New Rules of Lifting for Abs, their most recent book, was sent to me.

Few people in their field have read as much, watched as many DVDs, taken classes, or been to as many conferences as these two guys. What’s remarkable is that they still say they don’t know everything.

They might say they know everything, but they don’t. They keep learning new things, reviewing what they already know, and looking for new ways to look at things.

That’s cool to see. It has taught me a lot and is something we should all do.

Also, through the New Rules of Lifting series, they keep teaching fitness experts and people from all over the world what they have learned.

Following my review of his book, I met him at the Fitness Business Summit in Orange County.

The most admirable aspect of the conference was meeting so many fitness pros.

It was wonderful to meet and reconnect with fitness experts from all around the globe for the first time.

Fitness experts are doing amazing things to assist their customers in attaining their objectives, and it’s inspiring to hear about it!. At a bar in Denver on Saturday night, I met a fitness professional who told me about his work in Colorado rehabbing head-injured soldiers.

Yes, I know this is not Alwyn. It is his better half, Rachel Cosgrove.

It was great to chat with Rachel about her book and her plans to help people. Very cool and unique.

Now, this is Alwyn.

I agree with you on who the better-looking one is, but that is not what I want to chat about.

It was very cool to chat with Alwyn. I have looked up to him for years.

Health Revenue

As the name suggests, a fitness company is any place where people may go to work out, either on their own or in a group setting. You may find two significant divisions in the fitness industry. Orangetheory is a group workout studio, while Planet Fitness is a standard large box gym.

Fitness studio classics include high-intensity interval training (HIIT), functional fitness, yoga, spinning, or pilates. Instead of personal training and one-on-one sessions, they focus on building a community and working together.

As your company expands, so should your lifestyle, which should, of course, be healthy! That’s a long-term source of income.

Living healthier lifestyle benefits you in many ways, including:

  • Eating less junk food, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, and exercising can save money and improve your emotional and physical well-being. 
  • You have a decreased chance of having a wide range of ailments if you lead a healthy lifestyle – Getting healthy gives you a sense of empowerment and self-determination.

To cultivate long-lasting beneficial habits, it is essential to:

Begin gently.

  • Change one item at a time – notice the advantages of eating a more balanced diet, exercising more, or stopping smoking, for instance.
  • Manageable changes are more likely to become habits.
  • Making a gradual shift might be simpler than making a complete shift all at once.
  • You may expand your typical walking path by a reasonable amount, for example, if you love it.

A slight change in your health habits, even if only one, may significantly impact your overall well-being.

You may overcome challenges if you work hard.

Managing side effects like fatigue, sugar cravings, or a lack of motivation with your condition and therapy is possible. You may do the following steps:

Use pharmaceutical side effects as a guide to planning your day; if your medicine makes you sleepy in the morning, schedule your workout for the afternoon instead.

Discuss your situation with your doctor, who may be able to recommend a different drug or a professional such as a nutritionist or psychologist.

Maintaining good health

When it comes to remaining healthy, it’s not just about being active and feeling great. Here are some pointers to help you stay focused:

  • Keep an eye on your progress by scheduling frequent doctor’s appointments. You may need a little more encouragement to keep going.
  • Praise and reward yourself for your progress toward a healthy lifestyle by treating yourself to a pleasant experience.
  • Get back up and try again.

Getting the Help You Need

You may obtain the aid you need to keep healthy in various ways. Finding a GP (general practitioner) with whom you feel comfortable discussing your health is a crucial first step. It’s much easier to keep track of your health and schedule regular checkups when you go to the same doctor every time.

Maintaining healthy behaviors is easier when you have a “support person” to help you along the way. Get help from a mental health program, a family member, or a case worker. Don’t forget about other resources in your neighborhood.

Fitness Business

The Ultimate Fitness Pros Business Success System program aroused my interest when I first heard of him. It’s still saved on my computer.

He had some fantastic stuff to say. I remember him talking about the 15-minute Monday circle for your clients.

After the fitness business program, his New Rules of Lifting books were his.

It was great to meet him and get a photo with him, but I liked asking him questions.

Alwyn has truth serum in his blood because you ask him a question, and he answers it.

No sugar coating. No punches held back.

I asked him about publishing his books and all the presentations he does.  He had excellent information on both that has helped me.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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