Alwyn Cosgrove and Reps to Revenue Review

In the blog, I have talked about Alwyn Cosgove when I reviewed his recent edition of New Rules of Lifting.

After I reviewed his book, I was very lucky to run into him at the Fitness Business Summit in Orange County.

Yes, I know this not Alwyn.  It is his better half, Rachel Cosgove.

It was great to chat with Rachel about her book and her future plans to help people.  Very cool and amazing.

Now this is Alwyn.

Ya, I agree with you on who the better looking one is, but that is not what I want to chat about.

It was very cool to chat with Alwyn.

I have looked up to him for years.

I first heard of him when I was listening to a program called Ultimate Fitness Pros Business Success System, way back when.  I still have it on my computer.

He had some amazing stuff to say.  I remember him talking about the 15 minute Monday circle when it comes to your clients.

After the fitness business program, it was his New Rules of Lifting books.

It was great to meet him and get a photo with him but what I really liked was asking him questions.

I think Alwyn has truth serum in his blood because you ask him a question and he answers it.

No sugar coating.

No punches held back.

I asked him about the publishing of his books and all the presenting he does.  He had great information on both that has helped me.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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