Avoid These 7 Tummy EXPANDING Foods

Avoid These 7 Tummy EXPANDING Foods

We all want to look good and let’s admit it, part of looking good includes having a slim or flat tummy.

Easier said than done!!

True, sometimes, it can be quite the challenge to get that slim waistline and flat stomach. As we age, the tummy region just seems to want to expand, expand and EXPAND some more! You are definitely not alone if you are wondering how to stop your tummy from expanding. The statistics show that millions of people are becoming obese each year [1].

There are also times when we get temporarily bloated from the FOODS that we eat. Yes, what you eat can make your tummy larger. This bloating can lead to an ever-increasing tummy, and this is certainly NOT what you want. When I feel bloated, I try to think about what I just ate or may have consumed recently. You can often avoid expanding your tummy if you stay away from tummy EXPANDING foods. Here are 7 frequent offenders to avoid.

#1 – Carbonated Drinks

We’re bombarded with carbonated drinks everywhere we turn. But, how do these drinks affect YOUR WAISTLINE? The answer to this question is simple – bubbles! The bubbles in carbonated drinks sit in your tummy and look for a way out. This leads to an expanding tummy. Why do we need bubbles in drinks? Well, the bubbles in fizzy drinks, soda or other carbonated beverages do provide a certain look and feel on the tongue as the drink is consumed. How can you cut down the carbonation in these drinks? Letting the drink sit for a while after opening could let some of the carbonation escape. If you’re consuming a lot of these types of drinks daily, that’s a recipe for an ever-expanding tummy!!


#2 – Sugar-Free Gum and Sugar Substitutes

You know how food marketers sell the idea of something being sugar-free? Here’s the trick – the product being advertised may not really be as “free” as specified. Sugar may have been removed from the food item, but it is likely that some other ingredient may have been added into the food to compensate. UNFORTUNATELY, this new addition or sugar substitute could be harmful to the body as well!! Sugar substitutes such as maltitol and sorbitol may cause bloating [2]. So, what can you do? You could go natural when seeking alternatives to refined sugars. Natural food items like honey and alternatives like agave can provide sweetness. This could help you AVOID the tummy expansion that artificial sweeteners provide. So, if it says “sugar-free”, ensure you are not getting ready for an episode of bloating and tummy expansion. Some candies and desserts may also contain large amounts of sugar substitutes. Contrary to popular belief, sugar substitutes may not always be good for your health and waistline!

#3 – Processed Foods

These types of foods are a big no-no. The problem with processed foods is the large amount of sodium these foods contain. Sodium can make you BLOAT! High amounts of sodium do the body no good! Apart from expanding your tummy, sodium in processed foods can make various parts of your body feel swollen. The salt ATTRACTS water as the body tries to dilute it. In essence, your body is actually trying to sort things out and create a healthy balance when it notices that you have consumed too much salt. The bloating is keeping your body in balance, but it may not make you look or feel good as your belly expands! So, prevent your body from retaining more water than it needs and avoid the BLOAT! 

processed foods

#4 – Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates or ‘carbs’ can leave you feeling stuffed!! Mashed potatoes, rice, toast and much more can sit in your tummy and may take a while to be digested. Carbs can also come with a high calorie count that converts to sugar when digested by the body. As well, this bloating sensation may not occur until after you have consumed too much of these carbs. Stick to the recommended serving amounts for carbohydrates and you should be okay. This can be easier said than done, though. The mountain of carbohydrate options that constantly surround us, from breakfast to lunch and then to dinner, makes it hard to stay away. Try to go easy when consuming carbohydrates.

#5 – Fiber Supplements

What could possibly be wrong about taking fiber supplements? This can become an issue if you take too much fiber or consume a high quantity of fiber supplements. Fiber helps your digestive system, working to keep you functioning normally. Fiber looks for water to help with digestion, so, the more fiber you consume, the more water you will retain and IN TURN, the more bloated you’ll be. So, avoid consuming too much fiber and your tummy will be in better shape.

#6 – Cruciferous Vegetables

You may have noticed that certain vegetables are more prone to causing gas and bloating. Examples of such vegetables include cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. Yes, veggies are good for you but certain vegetables can also make you BLOAT! It’s best to consume wisely. Get your daily servings of vegetables, but try to minimize the consumption of those that cause bloating.


#7 – Legumes

This can include your favorite beans and lentils. Peas in soups or as side dishes can quickly add up to cause bloating after a meal. Conversely, some people may not experience any bloating AT ALL after eating legumes. If you notice that you do not quite have a tolerance for legumes, do not be dismayed. You may be able to gradually build up a tolerance for these healthy foods. Just be aware of the quantities of legumes you consume.

Nobody wants an EXPANDING tummy, so it’s good to know how to avoid unnecessary bloating. What should you avoid and why? Some of the foods mentioned above can ACTUALLY be good for you if consumed in proper quantities. On the flip side, there are foods that naturally help decrease bloating. This includes citrus fruits, pineapple, garlic, water, yogurt and tea. 

bloated tummy

It’s important to note that bloating around the joints could result in inflammation and pain. The foods that cause bloating do so by overwhelming the body, creating unwanted gas, and possibly adding some pounds to your waistline. Yes, some foods could lead to bloating and joint pain! Enjoy a slimmer waist and a tummy that is NOT EXPANDING when you eat recommended superfoods and reduce your consumption of tummy expanding foods.

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Rick Kaselj, MS