How to Bench Press Without Nagging Wrist Pain

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Today, who I have stepping in for me is Jedd Johnson. Jedd is a guy that focuses on feats of strength. Below he has some tips on what you can do to deal with nagging wrist pain when bench press.


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Hi guys, Jedd Johnson here from Diesel Crew here with a little training tip for those of you who have ever had wrist pain. I have got a little way of working around it so you don’t have to miss a workout.

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Actually today I have a little bit of pain in my wrist and I plan on getting an adjustment with the chiropractor tomorrow. But today I am doing Bench Press and I was already using the smaller normal sized bar and it was causing a little bit more discomfort and so what I have done is I have loaded up the axle for my bench work.

#1 – Use an Axle Bar to Bench With

The difference here is with the normal bar you have the weight really concentrated on one spot. With the axle bar, it actually spreads the weight out across your handle a little bit more. So if you are having any kind of wrist discomfort, I strongly suggest you try if you have an axle bar for the bench press.

With the axle since it is larger, it is going to feel a little bit different. Kinesthetically it’s just going to be different enough, it maybe a little bit tougher for you. Plus remember that the axle ,especially the one that I am using, is actually 12 lbs. lighter than the bar that you are normally using. You just have to keep that in mind but other than that you do the bench in the same exact way.

Axle Bench Press

Axle Bench Press

#2 – Wrap Your Wrists

Next thing you can do is try to wrap your wrist. Now with wraps, you want to wrap so that you give yourself additional support so it takes pressure off your wrist. When you wrap, you don’t want to just wrap like this with the wrap around your forearm. It’s not going to do anything for you.

Wrong Way of Wrapping Your Wrist

Wrong Way of Wrapping your Wrist

This is what you want to do. Wrap so that your cotton wrap the upper part of your hand and that will reinforce your wrist and it takes more strain off your wrist.

Correct Way of Wrapping your Wrist

Correct Way of Wrapping your Wrist

When I do that I also make sure to take the little tabs off my hands so that everything is free and I can grasp the bar like normal. Now because the bar is little bit bigger it hits the hooks.

Now you can see that sometimes it only takes a little bit of adjusting in order to work around some discomfort and with the wrist wraps and with the bar I didn’t feel anything in my wrist when I do the bench press.

Tomorrow, I will get down at the chiropractor. I will get this thing adjusted so it will be as good as new. So there is a little tip for you. If you have any other suggestions on how to work around wrist injuries or wrist pain, put it in the comment here below. Thanks and all the best for you training.

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We’ll see you later.

Jedd Johnson

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