Best Interviews of 2013

I want to start off by wishing you…..


I hope you had a fun New Year’s Eve.

I spent it with the family where we watched the ball drop on TV and built a Lego Delorean. (Yes, a Delorean.)

This morning, the kids and I are watching Rango (It is kind of a kids film. More of a dad flick).

Okay, lets get to what I have for you today.

Looking back at 2013, one thing that I have enjoyed was doing Skype video interviews with people.

Today, I have rounded up…..

Best Interviews of 2013

 Enjoy the interviews.

Talk to you tomorrow.

~ Rick


Here are the Top 10 BEST Interviews of 2013: 

#1 – An Update on Intermittent Fasting with Brad Pilon

#2 – Kettlebell Training & Back Pain with Chris Lopez

#3 – 5 Fat Loss Myths with Nate Miyaki

#4 – Staying Fit at Fifty with Shawna Kaminski

#5 – 3 Steps to Changing Your Body Composition with Ryan Faehnle

#6 – Beginners Guide to Kettlebells with Forest Vance

#7 – Old School Fitness & Life Tips with John Rowley

#8 – Metabolic Training with Kate Vidulich

#9 – Bodyweight Flows with Tyler Bramlett & Sylvia Favela

#10 – 3 Fat Loss Food Mistakes that Everyone Makes with Nick Pineault

I hope you enjoyed all the interviews.

I am looking to doing a lot more in 2014.

(If you have any suggestions on who I should interview, please let me know here.)

Rick Kaselj, MS

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