BEST Articles of 2013


Wow, it is almost 2014.

Where did 2013 go?

It is that time of the year, to look at the year that was.

Today, lets look at the best articles on EFI for 2013.



Rick Kaselj


1) Is Interval Training Dead?

An article that looks  to see if we have passed interval training. Great stuff from Mike Whitfield.

2) Common Ab Training Mistake

An article with a video where Tyler Bramlett highlights a common ab training mistake that he sees in the gym.

3) 3 Best Push Up Variations that You Are Not Doing

This one is a video article from Dan Long. He has some great push up variations that you can do with a suspension trainer.

4) BEST Stretch to do Before Your Workout for Your Low Back

I get asked this often, what is a good stretch for the back. I answer it here. Who am I? I am Rick Kaselj, the guy behind EFI (Exercises For Injuries).

5) What to do about Wrist Pain During Push Ups?

This one is mine again. This is a common questions that clients ask me, what to do about wrist pain and push ups. I got the answer here.

6) Is the Toe Touching Stretch Good for the Back?

I see this in the gym and get asked this often, I give you the answer in this article.

7) What to do About Squatting and Knee Pain?

For knee pain, squatting is the issue that a lot of people have. I reply to it with a research review (I have not done one of these in a while, I need to get back doing this.)

8) What is Dynamic Variable Resistance Training?

Local guy, Steve Di Tomaso, submitted this to email after he attended the Dan John Seminar that I hosted. Enjoy Steve’s article on DVRT.

9) What are the Best Exercises for Training to do a Pistol Squat?

The Pistol Squat is a tough exercises and regular gym goers want to try to do this challenging exercise. Sean Schniederjan shares a few exercises that he gives his client’s in this video article.

10) Woman of Steel Workout


And wrapping out the TOP 10, is Kate Vidulich. Her workout on EFI was the most popular. If you are looking for a workout to do on New Year’s Day, you can give it a go as it requires no equipment.

Thank you for reading EFI and thank you to all the contributors to EFI. 2014 is going to be a great year.

Now, have a great New Years Eve!

Rick Kaselj