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2013 is disappearing before our eyes. Let’s take a moment to remember the great articles from EFI last year before we welcome 2014 with fireworks and cheers.

If you’re interested in learning more about EFI, this list is a great place to start.


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1. Is Interval Training Dead?

Interval training has been around for years, but it appears to be one of those workouts that never goes out of style. At any given moment, you can bet there is some new exercise fad vying to knock it off its perch. Is this true for interval training? Let’s see what Mike Whitfield has to say about it.best_articles_of_2013

2. Common Ab Training Mistake

The abs are a significant muscle group that helps maintain posture and stability. Many individuals avoid abs workouts because they’re so tricky. It’s also simple to do them wrong.

There are a lot of ab-strengthening exercises available, but if you don’t do them properly, they won’t have the desired effect. When you do an exercise incorrectly, your body will respond the opposite way you want it to, which may lead to injury and not the desired results.best_articles_of_2013

If you have done this before, don’t worry! This article will find out about common ab training errors and how to avoid them. In this video, Tyler Bramlett describes a typical blunder he sees at the gym.

3. 3 Best Push-Up Variations that You Are Not Doing

Nothing is better than seeing your shoulders, triceps, and pecs swell in balanced symmetry. You must be patient and repeatedly perform the same push-up variations to achieve this result.

The push-up is a well-known upper-body exercise with several advantages. It strengthens your core, shoulders, upper Back, and arms while challenging your body’s balance and coordination. Push-ups are an essential element of any workout program or home gym setup. Have you tried all the push-up variations?best_articles_of_2013

Dan Long presents some excellent suspension trainer-compatible push-up variations in this article.

4. BEST Stretch to do Before Your Workout for Your Low Back

Working out is a great way to strengthen and tone their muscles for many people, but the pain is not for everyone. Working out is often unbearable for people who experience lower back pain, particularly those who work out. To avoid this type of pain, a lot of preparation and stretching are required. A recent study discovered that 80% of individuals experienced low back pain due to exercise.best_articles_of_2013

I am Rick Kaselj, the brains behind EFI (Exercises For Injuries). What is a good stretch for the Back? Here’s how I respond to it.

5. What to do about Wrist Pain During Push Ups?

You might feel pain in your wrist when performing a lot of push-ups. Push-ups put a lot of stress on your wrists, which is why you feel pain after doing them. When you do a reverse bend, you are bending your wrists backward. What can you do to prevent wrist pain while doing push-ups? Here’s what you can do.

Once more, this is a question my clients frequently ask me, and the answer I gave here is mine.

6. Is the Toe Touching Stretch Good for the Back?

A simple test to measure hamstring flexibility has been part of nursing school admission requirements for decades. Do the benefits of the toe-touching Stretch outweigh the potential risks? Is there any evidence that it improves your posture or reduces your risk of back pain?BEST Articles of 2013

I’ll reveal the answer to you in this article since I frequently encounter this in the gym.

7. What to do About Squatting and Knee Pain?

How you urinate when you squat is a sign that your hips and knees are mobile. However, if squatting causes pain, your body may have an issue. Knee pain while squatting may result from a misaligned kneecap, tight quadriceps muscles, or a sprained knee, among other factors. It will be up to you to determine how long the issue continues and how long it takes for the injury to heal.BEST Articles of 2013

I respond with a study review (I have not done one of these in a while, I need to get back to doing this.)

8. What is Dynamic Variable Resistance Training?

Dynamic strength refers to increasing resistance in several ways while moving quickly, resulting in a body that feels as if it is working as hard as possible. A dynamic variable resistance training (DVR) workout integrates resistance training with other exercises. There are numerous advantages to active variable resistance training.

After attending the Dan John Seminar, I hosted, local man Steve Di Tomaso sent me this. Enjoy Steve’s DVRT article.

9. What are the Best Exercises for Training to do a Pistol Squat?

The pistol squat is a tough exercise to master initially, as it demands a lot of strength and coordination. Since there’s no equipment required, it’s an excellent choice for home or gym workouts. It’s also a perfect choice to add variety to your routine since it’s so simple.BEST Articles of 2013

Here are some pointers from expert trainer Sean Schniederjan to help you master the pistol squat.

10. Woman of Steel Workout

Every woman can achieve her goals, no matter her outward appearance, just like Kate Vidulich, a personal trainer and Metabolic Training Expert from


In this article, you’ll learn more about the Woman of Steel movement and her Steel workouts. This is the most popular EFI workout done by Kate Vidulich. If you want to work out on New Year’s Day and don’t have any equipment, this one is for you.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to EFI and for reading it. The year 2014 is going to be fantastic.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve now!

Rick Kaselj, MS

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