Best Stretch for Your Lower Back

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Rick Kaselj, MS


I wanted to go through the best stretch for the lower back. This is called the Cat and Dog Stretch.

Best Stretch for Your Lower Back


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I had Orsy go through the stretch.

Cat & Dog Stretch

Move into the four point position with your hands directly underneath your shoulders. You don’t want your hands too far forward because that puts unnecessary stress on your shoulders. Your knees should be directly underneath your hips and your knees are about hip-width apart. This allows you to focus on your back and work on the mobility.

The Cat and Dog Stretch loosens up those tight areas in the spine and works on mobility in the spine.

Bring your head up, drop your chest, arch through your back, tilt your pelvis forward and then stretch in the opposite direction. Tilt your pelvis back, rounding out the mid back and dropping your head. Stretch to the point where you feel light resistance and then stretch in the opposite direction.

Cat and Dog Stretch 2 pose

Hold this position for about a second or two and then move in the opposite direction. Go through 5 to 10 repetitions of the exercise. You will probably notice that you are able to go a little bit further as you loosen up your neck, mid back and  pelvis. This is as an excellent lower back stretch.

There you go, now it’s your turn! Give it a go before you exercise in order to loosen up that lower back. It is the best stretch that you can do for your lower back. You can do it before working out. You can do it when you wake up. You can do it in the evening in order to loosen up that lower back.

So there you go! Give that exercise a go and let me know how it goes. You can leave me a comment or question down below.

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Take care!

Rick Kaselj, MS