Top 5 Hip-Opening Yoga Poses

Top 5 Hip-opening Yoga Poses

January 27, 2020 Rick Kaselj

People typically under use their hip muscles, which leads to weakness and tightness in the hips, back and elsewhere. You can find relief from tension and increase mobility and flexibility by doing these hip stretches. […]

5-minute Post-run Stretch Routine

5-minute Post-run Stretch Routine

October 14, 2019 Rick Kaselj

Stretching after running will help you boost flexibility and increase power and speed as well as help to limit or reduce injury. Watch this video and find out how you can cool down and relax […]

6 Seated Knee Strengthening Exercises

September 9, 2019 Rick Kaselj

It is essential to have strong knees. Our knees are supported by our hamstrings and other muscles that need strengthening so that our knees are protected from injury and pain. If you are already suffering […]

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