Best Videos of 2015

Best Videos of 2015

Over the last few days, we have looked back at the best articles and interviews of 2015.

Now, let us take a look at the best videos of 2015.

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Enjoy the videos below!

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Best Videos on Exercises For Injuries for 2015

10. Best Exercise to Loosen Up Your Shoulders

This exercise is great for lubricating and strengthening the shoulder joints and stabilizing muscles of the shoulders. It involves moving the head in a circular motion, clockwise and counterclockwise, using a ball.

9. How To Foam Roll Out Your Shin Splints

Foam rolling is the best exercise for shin pain or shin splints. It massages the shin to help end metabolites.

To do this, start in a three-point position, hands out in front, knee behind you, propping yourself up. Place your foam roller just below your knee, above the meaty part of the shin, and roll, starting from that brawny part down to just above the ankle. 

You should feel a deep massage, but you shouldn’t be in screaming pain. 

8. Best Knee Pain Exercises and Stretches 

The great knee paint stretch is light in front of the thigh and the hip, wall plank with leg kicks.

Stronger glutes, lesser stress on your knee.

7. Most Important Exercise To Relieve Neck Pain

The towel will do great in this exercise. It places your head into a good posture and puts the least weight of stress on the muscles. Utilize those deep muscles that stabilize the neck with this head back into the towel a couple of times.

6. Best Back Pain Yoga Exercise

This yoga pose is helpful for people suffering from back pain because it stretches the muscles and relaxes the mind, which reduces pain. It also improves posture, which is beneficial for long-term back pain relief.

5. Quick Tip For Shoulder Pain Relief

This quick tip for your shoulder pain relief will decrease the pressure on the shoulder joint and into the shoulder blade muscles by tightening the muscles around the shoulder blade.

4. Easy Hip Flexor Yoga Exercise for Non Yogis

The exercise involves lying on your stomach and pushing up while straightening your arms and holding your position for a few seconds. You should feel it in your low back, hips, and possibly more if you progress to hold it for a little longer.

3. Simple Test To See If You Have Tight Hip Flexors 

The test for hip flexor tightness is by lying on your back and straightening your legs for 60 to 90 seconds. Check for tightness in the quads, hips, and back, and increase the curve in the lower back or feel like there is lots of space under the back.

2. Best Knee Pain Exercises

For knee pain exercises, stand with feet wide, knees bent, and abdominal muscles tight. Bring your hips forward to stretch the front of the thighs and hips. Hold for 20 seconds, and then alternate back and forth. Keep your body upright.

1. Quick Exercise for Back Pain Relief

This exercise helps relieve back pain by decompressing the stress and strain on the low back. Bring your arms overhead for a few seconds and relax.

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