[2016 Body Problem] A Workout To FIX This: “Help. I’m busy I can’t lose fat!”

A Workout To FIX This- “Help. I’m busy I can’t lose fat!”

Hi guys!

Today, I want to introduce you to a friend and colleague of mine in the health industry. I think what he specializes in can solve a big problem for you -2016 Body Problem. A lack of time to work out!

Tristan is a health and fitness pro and author who focuses on creating short and effective workouts for busy people; everyone from new parents to time-crunched business people, and those of us who have to balance a million things in our busy lives.  What he has to share with you today is something new and fresh and could be just the thing you’re looking for to hit the ground running, and save chunks of time. Start losing stubborn fat as you create the body you really want in the 2016 Body Problem and beyond.

I also asked Tristan to put together a really fast workout for you and gave him a limit of 15 minutes. So check that out too – some great information coming your way over the next 2 days.  No fluff.  Just actionable content.

Take it away Tristan…

~ Rick Kaselj, MS


Hi, I’m Tristan and I decided a long time ago that I wanted better fitness results in less time.  So I sliced at least 30 minutes from all my workouts (and those of my clients). Set things up to get those results in the short blocks of time I could spare in my busy schedule.  Because I planned to have a life as well as a desire to get fit and healthy.

In the last 5 years (especially the last 2 or 3) the mainstream media has bombarded us with many new ways to get fit.  One of those holy grails is ‘shorter or faster workouts ‘ designed to address the 2016 Body Problem.

That’s appealing to almost anyone.

But it begs the question, is less really more?

Can we actually expect to see results doing less?

Well, there’s the issue.

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There’s no doubt that any exercise is always better than none.  You can initially look at any duration of workout: from a session that’s done in 15 minutes or one that is completed in over an hour. Realize the real question is: were these workouts intense?  Or did you just go through the motions?

If you don’t focus and train with the correct intensity. You can waste as much effort in a shorter workout as you would in an hour-long workout.

The ideal solution is simply to decide beforehand that you’re going to work your butt off in your exercise session.  No chatting or mindless daydreaming or staring at TV. Plodding along on the elyptical thinking that’s going to make a difference.

If you’ve committed to getting your sweats on and are prepared to start a workout. You owe it to yourself to bring your full intensity and make sure you get out of the workout as much as possible.

It’s always going to be true that you get out what you put in.  Excuses do not count in a workout – doesn’t matter if you train for 15 minutes or an over hour.

So you need to be honest with yourself and make sure you’re really training – with genuine intensity.

And this way you can achieve a lot more in 15 intense minutes than 1 hour of ‘wheel spinning’. Possible overtraining and the problems that eventually brings.

Now imagine using fast workouts that are automatically set up for you to bring the correct intensity in less time to give faster results…

2016 Body Problem – Short workouts Will Work BUT:

Studies have shown over and over that less time working out can give results.

As long as that intensity is correct and focused.

Of course some people will always prefer to workout for longer periods – that’s cool – its not a crime – I did it for years and actually liked it.

But there came a time where I had a lot going on in my life and I realized I wanted to get better results than the next person in much less time – I mean I had to:  I had a baby on the way that I’d be raising, and alongside my work and training clients it would leave almost no time to be in a gym for hours. When I made the change I quickly experienced amazing results with quicker workouts and wondered why I’d never done it sooner – and also considered how much time I surely wasted.

These results were not just losing fat or gaining lean muscle, the ripple effect of doing better workouts in less time affected many areas of my life in a positive way – everything from improved mood and outlook on life to a real control over my time management.

If you’re busy, slammed for time and don’t have the hours in your day to spend on grueling workouts, that’s completely fine – a short 15 – 20 minute workout will help anyone onto the path to transforming their body – and also improve your sense well being, mood and set you up for continual results in much less time.

Shorter workouts create an amazing mindset change and a lifestyle change.

Working out on your terms soon changes everything.  Just remember intensity counts for everything, you simply need to make sure you don’t ever spin your wheels or waste the time you set aside for your exercise.

Ok, so let’s say that you are very busy right now.

You’re willing and able to set aside 20 minutes, 3 times a week to get back on track, give your body a great boost and head into the new year or the summer months with a new fitter and better looking body as your achievable goal.

Note: Certainly diet and avoiding processed foods, sugars and wheat and grains is going to be a huge factor in delivering your fat-free body, but exercise is the tool that will burn the fat, strengthen your muscles and pull your body into the ideal shape you expect.

And you’re going to do this with short workouts.

2016 Body Problem – Try this workout:

*Remember:  INTENSITY:

Go get your stopwatch.

You’re going to do a 15 minute density workout.

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

Before you begin, your warm up looks like this:


a1:  Jumping jacks 30

a2: 4 runsside to side beepers (side shuttle runs between two cones placed around 20 yards apart – there and back is 1 run)  (substitute with kneeling push ups if you wish)

Perform this 2 exercise superset 3 times

A Workout for Busy People (body weight edition)

You have 15 minutes to complete as many rounds of this as possible:  Set your timer and begin…

A1:  Reach out push up (a push up, as you come up reach out your left arm in front of you like superman 🙂 then your right and back to the next push up.  This engages stabilizer muscles in a different way than when you just do your push up) – 8 reps

A2: Body Weight squat jumpers (a BW squat where you leave the ground and land softly on your feet – repeat)  – 10 reps

A3:  Pullups (if you have access to a bar or something you can pull yourself up on) – 7 reps

* alternatively you can perform a T Bar Twist (in a push up position you twist your torso so you are on your side with your arm vertical as you balance for a few seconds with your feet stacked on top of one another – repeat the other side – that’s considered 1 rep…) – don’t perform a push up again here – you’ve already done those.

A4: Burpees Yes I’m sure you want to slap me right now…but burpees will always be awesome – do them and make sure you suck in your lower abs/stomach when you drop down to extend your feet out wards… don’t let your stomach hang loose, focus on this. 6 Reps

Some notes:

1)  Do this:  For every one of these exercises, focus on engaging your core. Think of this as you do the move and keep it tight; not loose or relaxed.  As you go through your rounds of this density workout you’ll find this harder to do as you’ll be tired.  But start now to focus on your core stability every time you do an exercise.  just because it’s not an ‘ab exercise’ does not mean it’s not important to engage your core.

2) Do as many rounds as you can.  Rest only briefly when needed.  If you’re nice and comfortable doing this, your intensity level is on the floor – you need to step it up…  Move faster through the circuits and restlessly.  Of course, be smart, rest when you know your body needs it, and get back to it when ready.

3) Record the rounds you do and next time – after a day or two’s rest – try to beat it.

4) No warm-down for this.  Just get back to your busy day now feeling a whole lot better knowing you did more good and worked out more effectively in 20 minutes than most people do in a month.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a discussion about the Art of Fat Loss so get ready for that.

Remember:  you don’t need to waste time or work out for hours.  Just try this and you’ll be miles ahead of the curve…

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