6-Minute Quick Bodyweight Workout to Burn Calories

6-Minute Quick Bodyweight Workout to Burn Calories

I hope you have had a great New Year’s Weekend.

The family and I are off to enjoy the snow.

While I am off, enjoy the workout from my friend, Robby.

~ Rick Kaselj


Hey, what’s going on guys? I’m Robby Blanchard, owner of CrossFit Reach and creator of 6 Week Shred. I’m making this video today for my good friend, Rick Kaselj, and all his readers at ExercisesForInjuries.com. I’m really excited to be here.

I was talking to Rick the other day and he wanted me to put together a quick bodyweight workout that I could share with you that cannot only burn calories, give you a good sweat going, and also get you in great shape. That is exactly what I’m going to show you here today.

6-Minute Quick Bodyweight Workout to Burn Calories

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This workout is going to have a kind of CrossFit feel to it. It’s a total bodyweight workout and something that anybody can do, no matter what your skill level is, and regardless of your age or current ability.

The workout is going to be a 6-minute AMRAP. Now what does AMRAP mean? — It means “As Many Rounds As Possible” in 6 minutes. So only 6 minutes long, but trust me when I say this it’s definitely going to work your heart and get you into great shape.

Here’s the workout; each round will consist of 5 Burpees, 5 Air Squats, and 5 Sit Ups with a little CrossFit feel to it, but it’s going to be a safe workout that you can do in your own home. Let’s get right into it.

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1. Burpees

Start off with 5 burpees. It is very important in doing the burpees that when I drop down, my chest and stomach touch the ground. I’m not doing a push-up; I’m just falling to the ground in a controlled manner. I jump down to the ground and come down. Drive it through, coming up, jumping up, hands on the back of my head, and full extension on top of the body. I will do 5 repetitions. It looks something like this.

Burpees - Quick Bodyweight Workout to Burn Calories


2. 5 Air Squats

After I’ve finished my 5 burpees, I will do 5 bodyweight air squats. It’s very important in doing the squat that the feet are about slightly closer than shoulder-width apart. Weight should be on my heels and my toes are slightly pointed out. The first thing I do with the squat is get my chest up, my hips go back and that moves all the weight to my hamstrings. Go into the squats. Knees track of where my toes are pointing, keep my chest up the entire time, move all the way up to full extension and do 5 repetitions.

Air Squats - Quick Bodyweight Workout to Burn Calories

Air Squats

3. Sit Ups

Now we are going to do 5 sit-ups with a little CrossFit style here. We will do butterfly sit-ups which are a little bit different. Instead of doing the sit-ups with my feet flat on the floor, I’m going to do a butterfly stretch.

Butterfly Stretch Position - Quick Bodyweight Workout to Burn Calories

Butterfly Stretch Position

Keeping in this position is going to free my lower back and take the pressure off of it. All the way down, shoulder blades touch the ground behind me, hands behind me, coming up touching my toes to the top. Again, do 5 repetitions of this.

Butterfly Sit Up

Butterfly Sit Ups

That’s how it works for one round. You can go through it one more time, and do the whole thing, in that way you can get the full flavor of it. Remember:  You will be doing 6 minutes as many rounds as possible of this sequence; 5 burpees, 5 air squats, and 5 sit ups. Six minutes doesn’t seem to be a lot but trust me, I am already starting to breathe heavy. Go ahead and have some fun with it.

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