Shoulder Pain Exercises

Today I wanted to talk to you about shoulder pain exercises. The question came from a client who is having difficulty performing a corner stretch. She is having pain when performing the exercise and is […]

What to do about Shoulder Pain?

We are moving to part 2 of the shoulder pain series. Treatment and Management of Shoulder Pain Shoulder pain may not be a life threatening medical condition but without the right approach, the pain may […]

Breast Cancer and Shoulder Exercises

Today was the day to dig into what is new in the research world. To be honest, I started it in yesterday’s blog post. In yesterday’s blog post I talked about new research in muscle […]

Buns and Shoulder Pain

I took an hour off to head into the coffee shop and look at some journals. I am sitting here, listening to Christmas music and checking out what is new in the journal world. Here […]

Wrist Pain Exercises

I came across this video from Ryan Murdock. Ryan is a bodyweight coach. In his video he does a lot great exercises for the wrist. Rick Kaselj, MS. .

Fitness Education Failure

In September, I had three great presentations at the BCRPA Fitness Conference. The feedback was amazing. BCRPA Fitness Conference Presentation on Shoulder Injuries and Exercises: .

Bench Press Shoulder Pain

I have been doing research this week. A colleague, Brenda Adams, emailed me and asked if I had any reference on what muscle is being used during the bench press. I know what muscle works, […]

Posture and Scapular Muscles

I just finished off my review of last weeks journals.  I have chatted about what I do in a previous post.  I talk about it in my 6 Must Read Journals for Exercise and Injuries […]

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