Advance Core Stability

January 2, 2011 Rick Kaselj

  Advance Core Stability   DESCRIPTION:   The importance of core stabilizing muscles in the health and rehabilitation of the lower back and pelvis has been well documented. After mastering the basics, and key concepts […]

Core Stability for the Rehab Client

January 1, 2011 Rick Kaselj

  Core Stability for the Rehab Client   DESCRIPTION:   Core stability, and the muscles that assist in core stability, have become a priority in rehabilitation and fitness. They play an important role in all […]

Buns and Shoulder Pain

December 1, 2010 Rick Kaselj

I took an hour off to head into the coffee shop and look at some journals. I am sitting here, listening to Christmas music and checking out what is new in the journal world. Here […]

Thankful It is Friday

November 26, 2010 Rick Kaselj

Hey, it is Friday and I am going to ramble. It has been a while since I actually rambled on Friday. I Know You Are Sick of If, But I am Not The rave reviews […]

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