Thankful It is Friday

Thankful It is Friday

Hey, it is Friday, and I am going to ramble.

It has been a while since I rambled on Friday.

I Know You Are Sick of If, But I am Not

The rave reviews and incredible feedback for Muscle Imbalances Revealed 2.0 keep pouring in:

Ciaran-Keogh-1“Muscle Imbalance Revealed 2.0 has proved an invaluable investment. As a strength and conditioning coach working with swimmers from all age groups, Muscle Imbalance Revealed has provided me with a wealth of new insight into the role and function of both the hip and shoulder. Through the assessments and mobility exercises, my athletes and I have a much better understanding of imbalances and how to correct them. It is an amazing educational tool, and I highly recommend it.”
Ciaran Keogh
Strength Coach
Dublin, Ireland

I am very thankful and happy that MIR2 has been able to help so many trainers, coaches, and therapists from around the world.

Muscle imbalance can happen for several different reasons. But, the most common cause is improper coordination between your opposing muscle groups. To start addressing it, you may want to think about targeted exercise or physical therapy with a trainer or therapist who can help diagnose and handle any imbalances that you may have.

Give Me a Minute

I have to walk my son to pre-school. I will be back in 30 minutes to finish this off.

Hey, I am back.

Something Free this Friday

Got some great feedback on my free report.


Hey, if you want the 5 Myths of Core Training free report, CLICK HERE.

Core exercises are essential to a healthy body. Core instability can be caused by injury, pregnancy, or the natural aging process. It may also arise from an over-reliance on our arms and shoulders in daily activities like getting dressed and cooking dinner.

Core stability is essential for all parts of your life – it improves posture when you stand up after sitting down; supinates (tucks) your pelvis so that you don’t arch as much withstanding, thus reducing back strain; helps maintain good alignment during sports movements such as running or kicking a ball; strengthens abdominal muscles which support pelvic organs thereby preventing urinary incontinence among women.

It is Friday, Lots of Facebook Comments

People like reading my stuff on Facebook:

These comments are from a knee pain interview I did earlier this week.

Without the constant motion that exercise provides, your knee can’t flex, bend or rotate. This decreases circulation and allows fluid to pool up in the joint, leading to increased swelling and pain-causing inflammation. You also risk injuring other parts of your body, like muscles or tendons, because they aren’t getting as much blood flow while you’re not moving around like usual (eccentric muscle contraction). 

Exercise has repeatedly been proven how important it is for our health. It’s especially beneficial if you are recovering from injury since it keeps everything moving, so nothing stiffens up too badly!

Thanks for following me on Facebook and giving me your feedback this Friday.

Many people who read the post and commented got my Knee Injury Solution for their knee pain and injury clients.

One Last Nice CommentScoliosis Manual

This one is for Effective Exercises for Scoliosis.

“I am a Personal Trainer with clients that have scoliosis. I have it as well. After Effective Exercises for Scoliosis, I better understand scoliosis and proper exercise programming.”

Catherine Luciano
Personal Trainer

That is it for today. Have a great day.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises