Combat Finisher Workout

Hey, I am at the airport.

I got a few minutes before I board my flight to Seattle.

This time I am off to Orange County to present to a group of 300 fitness professionals when it comes to helping and connecting with other fitness professionals.

It should be great.

One of the other presenters there will be there is Kevin Harrington. Kevin was one of the business owners on the show, Shark Tank (Which I love watching.).  While I am working my way to Orange County, I am going to listen to his book, Act Now. I really enjoy listening to the stories of people that are successful. I will let you know how it is.

Now getting to what I have for you today. 

I got another great workout for you from Funk.

If you missed yesterdays workout from Funk, you can get it here. (This was the workout that I did Tuesday afternoon.)

The workout from Funk down below is the one that I will do after my main workout at the hotel gym.

Okay, enjoy the workout and talk to you when I get to Cali.

Rick Kaselj, MS


Hey guys, Funk Roberts from I just finished an awesome training session followed up by a crazy combat finisher.

A Combat Finisher is a short circuit that you do after your main training session just to drain the tank of all the energy that you have left and also to train your mental toughness.

This combat finisher is pretty simple. There are three exercises that you are going to do, 10 reps of each exercise, one after the other. You are going to do that for 5 minutes straight so that’s a 5 minute finisher.

I love adding these to either the end of your workout session just to get a little bit of cardio and a little bit of fat burn and of course I got it mentioned before a lot of mental toughness or the end of your combat fighter or the end of your actual combat skill session.

Once again, you want to try to fit in those strength conditioning sessions when you can, time is of the essence. Quick combat finisher is an awesome way to do that. I hope you will enjoy this, check this out. Again, 3 exercises, 10 reps on each exercise, you want to do them at high intensity and you do that for 5 minutes straight with little to no rest in between. Check this out and I hope you enjoy it.

I am Funk Roberts from .

Now it’s your turn to get it done….

Combat Finisher Workout

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube video.

  • Perform each exercise for 10 reps one after the other for 5 minutes with little to no rest in between.

#1 – Dumbbell Push Up to Renegade Row

Dumbbell Push Up to Renegade Row

Dumbbell Push Up to Renegade Row

#2 – Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swings

#3 – Burpee Thrusters

Burpee Thrusters

Burpee Thrusters

If you want more of these combat finisher workouts, click here to pick up your own copy of the Combat Bundle today.

Funk Roberts