Eric Cressey to Headline the 2010 Fitness & Rehab Conference

Eric Cressey to Headline the 2010 Fitness and Rehab Conference copy

The 2010 Fitness & Rehab Conference is the only event in Canada that caters exclusively to training professionals. It was created for strength and Conditioning coaches, Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers, Athletic Therapists, Manual Therapists, and anyone interested in Sports Performance. This year’s conference will feature a well-known speaker who will share his insight on best practices for working with clients from these target audiences.

I’m heading to Seattle to present at the NSCA Washington State Fall Clinic. Before I depart, I wanted to let you know who will visit Vancouver next year.

It’s fascinating that the Fitness & Rehab Conference has reached the big 5. It has been a pleasure to host the event five times now. Because it was the fifth conference, I wanted to make it even more significant than the previous ones, so I looked for a renowned person to accompany it.

2010 Fitness Rehab Conference

Eric Cressey to Headline the 2010 Fitness & Rehab Conference

I am excited to announce that Eric Cressey – author, strength coach, and owner of Cressey Performance in Massachusetts – will be the keynote speaker at the 2010 Fitness & Rehab Conference.

It’s terrific that Eric is coming to Vancouver, BC, Canada, to lecture about corrective exercise. I’ve been reading his work for years. Some of you may be asking, “Who?” The truth is, corrective exercise is one of the leading fields in fitness, and he is one of the pioneers.

Eric Cressey is one of the most sought-after strengths and conditioning consultants in the world today. In addition to working with some of the top minor league baseball teams, professional baseball organizations, collegiate programs, and high school teams, Eric has also become well known for his expertise in preventative training. Since 2004, Eric has delivered many presentations at national and local conferences.

Now that you know the attendees at the 2010 fitness and rehabilitation convention, here is what you must do.

#1. First Thing To Do

I’ve given you all nearly five months’ worth of notice about this terrific conference. Make sure to block it off and arrange for the time off work. Make sure to block off March 27 and 28, 2010, on your calendar.

#2. Second Thing To Do

Be added to the Fitness & Rehab VIP list.

Benefits of the Fitness & Rehab Conference VIP List:

  • VIP discount on the conference
  • Early access to conference registration
  • Entered into special prizes
  • Bonus gifts
  • Be first to get the details of the conference
  • Get updates on the conference
  • So much more! (It is a secret.)


#3. Third Thing To Do

Please spread the word about this event. Eric has never given a presentation in Canada. I will not be bringing him back anytime soon. I don’t think he will return to Vancouver. This might be your only chance to see him in Vancouver.

#4. Fourth Thing to Do

Watch this video.

Eric Cressey to Headline the 2010 Fitness & Rehab Conference

CLICK HERE to watch the Eric Cressey Healing 2010 Fitness & Rehab Conference

Are you excited? I am!

#5 – Fifth Thing to Do

Write down the details of the Fitness & Rehab Conference.

  • Date: March 27 & 28, 2010 (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Location: TBA
  • Presenter: Eric Cressey

Okay, I don’t have all the details. I wanted to get the date to you, and who will be presenting so you can block off your calendars. More information will be coming soon.

I am so excited! Off to Seattle to talk about running injuries and exercise.

Rick Kaselj, MS

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