Eric Cressey on Corrective Exercise

What a day one of the Nuts and Bolts of Corrective Exercise course with Eric Cressey!  (I know some of you call it a seminar.)

I was so excited about the course that I was up at 4:30 am!

I could not wait to get to the course.  When I got there, Eric did not disappoint.

He started the day off with a lecture on “Inefficiency versus Pathology”.

He had all kinds of research studies backing all the stuff he was talking about plus tonnes of in the trenches tips.

Since I am a shoulder guy, I liked what he had to say about the 12 Shoulder Health Factors.  The factor that stood out for me was breathing patterns.  Faulty breathing patterns can have an influence on the shoulder.  I never really though about it and have not heard it be brought up in a course before.  I am going to use this tip on Monday with my clients.

In the second lecture, Eric chatted about Joint-Specific Mobility and Stability.

This stuff is very cool.

I think it is missing in a lot of the fitness education that is out there.

The content that blew me away was the 7 Mobility & Stability Target Areas.

I like when things are summarized.

After the second session it was time to get practical.

We went through Eric Cressey’s lower body assessment and he even gave us his assessment checklist.

The stuff he went through when it comes to internal and external rotation of the hip was great.

I also found out the FABER Test stands for Flexion-Adduction-External Rotation, there is no guy named FABER.

After a bit of lunch, it was upper body and we got to Eric’s thing or as he calls it, his wheel house, the shoulder.

Great stuff and tips when it comes to looking at internal rotation, external rotation and total rotation.

Then it was a stack of corrective exercises for various joints of the body.  The very cool thing about Eric’s corrective exercise stuff is it is performance corrective exercise.  Many of the courses that I have attended are lower functioning but his stuff is performance corrective exercise.  We went through the exercises quickly but when I went home, I check out my Assess & Correct DVDs and manual.  A good chunk of the performance corrective exercises were in there.

I took some video clips from the day.  I will post them up a little later.  Off to sleep and get ready for day 2.

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Rick Kaselj, MS