3 Exercises to Skip If You Have Golfer’s Elbow

3 Exercises to Skip If You Have Golfers Elbow

In this video, I go through 3 exercises you need to skip if you have a golfer’s elbow or medial elbow pain.

Medial elbow pain, or golfer’s elbow, is a condition in which the inside of the elbow is painful. This condition causes pain where the tendons of your forearm muscles attach to the inside bump of your elbow. The pain may radiate from here to your forearm and wrist. Golfer’s elbow may also cause stiffness, weakness in the hands and wrists, and numbness or tingling in your fingers (especially your ring and little fingers).

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1. Straight Bar Bicep Curl

Straight Bar Bicep Curl

Straight Bar Bicep Curl

You should leave out barbell curls if you have elbow pain. When curling up, the force in the bar wants to take you into extension, bending the wrist back, so you need to fight back to keep the wrist in a neutral position. Your golfer’s elbow needs more stress on the inner part, the medial elbow, or the flexion force.

2. Underhanded Barbell Row

Underhanded Barbell Row

Underhanded Barbell Row

When rowing, the weight of the barbell puts you into extension. It would help if you created a flexion force to prevent your wrist from moving into extension. This puts much stress on your forearm and the medial part of the elbow.

3. Chest Pec Fly Machine

Chest Pec Fly Machine

Chest Pec Fly Machine

The third exercise involves a machine usually found in weight lifting gyms, bodybuilding gyms, and rec centers called the Chest Pec Fly Machine. It is a machine that you sit in, grabbing the handles with your arms straight, gripping the handles, bringing your arms out front, and returning. The handles are trying to push you into extension, and you are fighting the tension to keep the wrist neutral. This creates a flexion force that puts stress on the forearm and elbow.

If you have medial elbow pain or golfer’s elbow pain, cut out those three exercises that cause more damage and pain to your elbows.

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