Fun Stuff You Can Do with A Stick

I am going to go shopping this weekend for a stick.

I am very very excited for this.

Before this, I have been using a broom stick and a Body Bar.

Now, I am going to get a real weight stick.

Here are a few things that I am going to do when I get it.

Rick Kaselj


Hey, Shawna K. and I have a great complex workout for you here.

You need one barbell and this is an AMRAP (As Many Repetition As Possible) set . You are going to do 5 reps of everything. You are going to do as many rounds as possible in ten minutes. You are going to grab your bar.

#1 – High Pulls

How To Do High Pulls

High Pulls

#2 – Front Squat

How To Do Front Squat

Front Squat

#3 – Push Press

How To Do Push Press

Push Press

#4 – Romanian Deadlift

How To Do Romanian Dead Lift

Romanian Deadlift

#5 – Incline Spider Crawl Push Ups

How To Do Incline Spider Crawl Push Ups

Incline Spider Crawl Push Ups

Do this in AMRAP (As Many Repetition As Possible) style and as many times as you can, for ten to twelve minutes. You will be toast with this full body workout.

If you love fun complex workouts like this, then click here to check out Challenge Complexes.

Shawna K.