Getting Bootcamp Business Clients

Selling fitness programs is hard – especially when you’re just starting out. You don’t have any clients, so how do you get your first paying customers? Bootcamps are an awesome way to earn passive income. They provide an opportunity to sell a service that you love and share with others who can benefit from it as well. When you run a Bootcamp business, the primary goal is to get paid for your passion instead of working for someone else in order to make ends meet. This article provides tips for getting more clients for your Bootcamp business, whether you’re brand new or an experienced coach looking for ways to grow your business.

Yesterday, Steve Hochman shared #5 of his Out-Of-The-Box Client Getting Strategies with you. This is part 2 of that blog.

Okay, take it away, Steve.

#4 – The Office Visit Method

About 40% of your clientele work at an office – if you have 50 clients, that’s 20 offices.

Ask your clients if it would be excellent for you to stop by their office sometime and see them in action at work.

Tell them that when you text them at work, you always want to know what their office and the people they work with look like.

Bring your plastic gift cards, a pen, paper, a fruit basket, and balloons when you visit.

The gift basket and balloons will get all of their co-workers’ attention and make your client feel appreciated. “Wow, your trainer’s so cool for doing that!”

 Next, ask your client to walk you around and introduce you to all of their co-workers.

Tell them you want to give them a 100-dollar gift card for your fitness program.

If they act interested, get their name and email so you can send them a free report and directions to your training program or boot camp.

If you visit 20 offices and pick up just two new clients per office, that’s 40 new clients!

 #3 – The Burn The Fat, Feed The Poor

One of the most excellent ways to get free press and end up on the local news is by supporting a worthy cause.

First, determine where your city ranks in health and body fat in the county.

(For this example, let’s say you are in the 4th most out-of-shape state in the U.S. Next, find a local soup kitchen you want to help.

Contact (I recommend by phone) your local news stations and tell them that you want to help fight obesity and hunger simultaneously.

Explain that since your state is ranked the 4th most out-of-shape state in the U.S., you will hold a FREE boot camp for the next 4 Saturdays starting (day, date, time).

Tell them that the price of admission to your fitness program is to bring at least one item of canned food, which you will donate, to XYZ soup kitchen.

Tell the local news station that you call it the Burn The Fat, Feed The Poor Workout.

Now, give everyone who shows up an additional complimentary 2 two weeks if they agree to stay on the program as long as they’re delighted with it.

#2 – Hairdresser Vegas Trip Method

You may have heard about my 10X10 system, where you get ten hairdressers a week for ten weeks (a total of 100 hairdressers) on board for a free membership to your fitness program as long as they display your plastic gift cards on their workstations.

Well, I’ve discovered that hairdressers love Las Vegas, and if you have a 30-day referral contest, where the prize is a trip to Vegas (airfare and hotel), they work EXTRA HARD.

Just make sure that your text and email the hairdressers the real-time results of the contest to keep them motivated.

I recommend that the contest lasts for about two weeks because they tend to lose focus.

You can do one of these contests about every six weeks.

And the good news is that a trip to Vegas for two nights isn’t too expensive (especially compared to all the reoccurring revenue the contest generates for you)

Once again, Steve, I will have you stop here.

We will leave #1 for another day – I will post it this weekend.

Thanks for reading, and talk to you soon.

Rick Kaselj, MS