Grip Strength and Injuries with Jedd Johnson

Today I have some great information on grip strength and injuries. The interview is with Jedd Johnson, who is the grip strength guy.

Enjoy the interview!

Grip Strength and Injuries

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What Jedd Johnson Goes Through in the Interview on Grip Strength and Injuries

  • What is grip strength, and why is it not just hand strengthening
  • How grip strength relates to improved athletic performance
  • Importance of balancing your flexors and extensors for maximizing grip strength
  • The significant link between the elbow and Grip
  • Why those grip things at the sporting goods store are useless
  • How you can use a pool noodle to improve grip strength
  • Why does it take most people a long time to overcome a grip injury
  • A great example of improving your grip strength by using a towel
  • What are grip strength competitions, feats of grip strength, strong man and powerlifting
  • How does grip strength help you in the gym
  • What injuries does poor grip strength lead to
  • Examples of feats of strength – bending nails, tearing cards, bending bars
  • What is grip strength, and how can you get started
  • How Jedd got into grip strengthening
  • Who is Jedd Johnson

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A Few Words About Jedd

Jedd Johnson is a CSCS through the NSCA and RKC through Dragondoor and has competed in strength sports since 2003. Readily competing in Grip Sports competitions around the nation, Jedd is also a prolific writer and speaker about Grip and other strength and muscle-building topics. He owns and runs, a site dedicated to pursuing power, especially Grip Strength, and the promotion and growth of the sport and practice he loves with Grip.

How to Improve Your Grip Strength

Grip Strength and Injuries Nail-Bending-with-Jedd-Johnson
To improve your grip strength, CLICK HERE to learn about Jedd’s Home Made Strength 2. If you want to try a feat of strength, you can CLICK HERE to check out Jedd’s Nail Bending Program:

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