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I was not really filtering out my spam box. These are a few things that were in my inbox and on Facebook. Let’s get to it.

Cure My Elbow Pain

This was a question that came up for the Muscle Imbalances Revealed – Upper Body (MIRU) coaching call.  I thought the answer would be of interest to you.

Can you tell me how to cure elbow pain? Basically, it hurts if I do chin-ups, lying dumbell skull crushers (I think that’s where I hurt it and a little on the bench press). Also, can you tell me the other types of elbow pain there are (if any other) and if the treatment for curing would be different for each one?

Of the MIRU crew, Dr. Jeff Cubos took on the question.  Just a reminder that the MIRU crew will be holding a seminar this June on Spinal Health & Core Training.  We hope to see you there.

elbow pain spam boxElbow Pain Component

“Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to answer clinical conditions online.

There are many components to the elbow proper and far more components to pain itself.

I will say this unless there was an acute trauma or structural deformity, the tissues surrounding the elbow may likely be overloaded. Aside from training that progresses too quickly or with too much load, I’d look to the thoracic and shoulder girdle regions.

Often the scapulothoracic joint complex lacks requisite dynamic or static control causing the muscles that cross the elbow to do more work. I’ll often start by addressing mobility issues, then go after control.

I really like quadruped both on elbows and hands for scapulothoracic control ensuring that the scapula is positioned correctly or contracted throughout the movement. The indicator should also have good contact with the floor in a slightly externally rotated position with the load being put at the 1st and 5th MCP and base of the palm. The fingers should be spread out.

It may also be worthwhile to seek the help of a clinician who does soft tissue therapy to address the quality of the local tissues and mobility of the distal tissues.

I hope that helps. Sorry, I couldn’t be specific but you are more than welcome to email me.”

– Dr. Jeff Cubos

It is back to Rick. I would say, get an accurate diagnosis and approval to start an exercise program. If what you have is lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow, I will suggest this program:

Tennis Elbow Pain Solution

What to do about Osteochondritis?

Osteo spam box

Tom, I would check out the interview I did with Zach Moore on Exercise and Osteochondritis. I know this will help you out.


Funny Stuff

Since I do this injury stuff, I have been getting all kinds of nicknames, here is another one to add to the list:

I am Very Weak in the Push-up?

A question from Quebec:Harold-Piuze-Scapular-Exercises1 spam box

Harold, I know you have both the Upper Body and Lower Body Muscle Imbalances Revealed.

I would take the time to work on the scapular stabilizers.  You can do this in a plank position – Dr. Jeff Cubos talks about above or you can do this in an open chain fashion with exercises targeting the middle fibers of the trapezius, lower fibers of the trapezius, and serratus anterior as I go through in the Scapular Stabilization Exercise Program.

I would also check out Tony Gentilcore’s Component #1 – Corrective Exercise Strategies for Athletes (and Meatheads, too) with Tony Gentilcore that is in MIRU.  He goes through some great exercises that you can do to help with upper body strength exercises.

My Shoulder Cracked?

A question from Brazil:Sergio-Luis-Almeida-Shoulder-Pain spam box

Sergio, I want to help you out but there is not enough information to go on. My advice would be to get it looked at. Get an accurate diagnosis, clearance to start an exercise program, and written guidelines on what you can and can’t do.  Then we can go from there. Rehab your shoulder or you will get injured again.

Nice Stuff on Facebook

I am so glad to help fitness professionals and people with injuries.  Very motivating to get comments like this:

Kind Words

More amazing words for the Scapular Stabilization Exercise Program:

“I would describe the Scapular Stabilization Exercise program as very comprehensive, foundational and exceptionally accessible for clients, with a wonderful explanation for the “why” behind all exercises / approaches.

Exceptionally well laid out, with a great background review of the scapular, shoulder movement, and involved muscles to provide a holistic approach.

The exercises are very well described, LOVE the “errors” section to assist with improving accuracy of each exercise. Love the handouts and the E-book. Overall, the best thing is the ease of lay out/presentation of material, so all is easy to understand and implement immediately.”

Catherine Holden

Baltimore, MD

Occupational Therapist, Registered, Licensed

Nice that People Like EFI

 Ahhh, thanks:


Shoulder Injury Guide

Little feedback on the free shoulder injury guide that I give away at EFI:

“I think the gifts are wonderful.

I’m looking to take my knowledge in this direction (corrective exercise).

Where I am in Atlanta, (Roswell GA) there are a lot of tennis moms with the issues, back issues, plantar fasciitis and shoulder pain.

I want to be the go-to guy in this region”.

Thank you in advance,

Andre Coman

Roswell, GA

Personal Trainer

Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises

Feedback on the program:

“I currently work with clients who have past or present shoulder injuries due to overuse or athletically related. Because of Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises, I have a more in depth knowledge of the functions of the rotator cuff and it’s vulnerability to injury.”

Brian Bobo

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