Tasty Summer Time Healthy Juice Recipes For Weight Loss

Tasty Summer Time Healthy Juice Recipes For Weight Loss

Here’s the second part of my Interview with Georgia Nunn about the Magic of Juicing and Juices Recipes for Weight Loss.

Learn more about juicing and quick tips on how you can get the most benefits from it.

Watch the video below.

Benefits of Juicing with Georgia Nunn – Part 2

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In the above interview, you will discover:

  • Things to consider when buying a juicer
  • Tasty summertime healthy juice recipes for weight loss
  • Juicing tips to get the most health benefits
  • Difference between processed juices (canned or bottled) to natural home-made juices
  • A simple tip on how you can slow down the process of losing the enzymes in your juice

I hope you enjoyed the interview.

If you missed the 1st part of the interview, you can watch it here.

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Rick Kaselj, MS

If you are unable to watch the video interview, check out the transcript below.

Fruit and Vegetable Juices

So good. So you like the juicing? It really exposes the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. It allows your body to absorb it a lot better than blending or smoothies. And then even with the common complaint when people are like “Well, what do I do with all this pulp?”, you can actually do something with the pulp. Whether it comes to cooking or adding it as a topper or feeding it for the birds with that kind of stuff.

Like what you said as well, some people will say that the juicing is way too sweet. I think when people hear juicing they think of concentrated apple juice that they end up getting and it’s totally full of sugar. And looking at what you said at the start, you try to focus on three-quarters of vegetables which tend to be lower in sugar, if you focus more on the leafy ones.

And then a quarter fruit which tends a bit higher in sugar. So the juice that you create isn’t like kale and tastes very bland and bitter. There’s a bit of the fruit in there to kind of add some sweetness but not over-the-top sweetness.

I like the sweetness, I’ll be honest, but I do keep most of it vegetables and there’s just a little sweetness to it. Apples and carrots are always great if you whip up a juice and you don’t really care for it. Throw an apple in and throw a carrot in and they always seem to sweeten it up and give it a better flavor. That’s what I found with recipes.

And I know that you can go all green and I haven’t really tried that go all green and I’m thinking about it. And when I talk about all green just use all vegetables, but I like a little sweet and I don’t eat sugar and so my little sweet is my fruit. That I get in my diet. If you’re juicing and talking about sweets, use a green apple. It has less sugar than a red apple so that makes a difference.

green juicing _Juice Recipes For Weight Loss

Tips in Buying Juicer

What tips do you have for people when it comes to getting juicers? What should they look at when they buy a juicer?

I would say it has to do with the person’s budget mostly. I would say stay in the medium range. You’ll get a good one at that range and look for buys on them. I mean if you’re starting out juicing and you buy Jack Lalanne type 1, they have them at Costco probably about $80. That’s good to start with. Try it out and if you want to find out if it’d work for you, that’s a good one for $80. If you’re really interested, step up to the next one where you get more juice out of the fruit.

Actually, when you step up to the low price range you get the juice out of the fruits or vegetables but if you step up to the next one, you change how the juicer works and you get more juice out of it. And then the really expensive ones really if you’re fighting cancer that’s what you want is a really expensive one because it actually extracts more out of the fruits and vegetables.

And you get more nutrients into your body. I really like it way better than the Jack Lalanne that I started with. And I bought the Jack Lalanne years ago, and I didn’t get it for $80 either, they were kind of expensive in those days. I mean, I’ve used it a lot actually but I changed and I like the step up that I went. And I get more juice on my produce now my pulp is drier. I can see the difference there. That’s what will happen when you go up each step.

That’s good. A lot of people are thinking that juice is going to cost me like $500, or $750 but if you’re brand new to this and you can get something under $100. You can get something for $65 at Amazon. It’s not going to be high performance but it’s something for you to kind of start out with and see if you like it.

And if you end up getting benefit from it and then you can kind of move up from there. When you move up and get better ones, you’re extracting more juice and then they end up actually drying up the pulp more so you’re actually getting more from the fruits and vegetables. Maybe you can give us two nice summertime recipes since it’s summertime right now.

There’s one recipe I just made a video on and it’s going to be put on my blog site or on my YouTube. I took a grapefruit and you just peel the grapefruit and pull it in segments. And I took strawberries, about 3/4 a cup, and you can chop them all up. You juice the grapefruit. The strawberries you throw into your blender with ice and after you juice the grapefruit juice you put it into the blender to blend it all together and drink it.

And that’s a good summer drink, quick to fix and it’s really good. You can just take cantaloupe and just juice it and have watermelon and just juice it and add mint to it. Mint is always a good addition. Pineapple is another one. Take a pineapple and just juice it and drink it. Pure juice is very, very good. Here’s one that’s a slim down one called limeade slim down.

This one here has four stalks of celery, two apples, and one lime, and just juice those. That’s a good summer drink, too. That’s actually a weight loss recipe if you’re trying to trim your weight down. And use those green apples to keep the sugar down more.

juicing ingredients  Juice Recipes For Weight Loss

Final Points in Juicing

Awesome. Now, is there anything that you want to leave people with? Anything that I did not ask you about when it comes to juicing or any final points that you want to leave people with?

I would just suggest juicing benefits everybody. If you get into juicing you will find the benefits. The American diet- it’s just too much-processed food. We eat too much-processed food and they catch up with us. When you’re younger you don’t notice as much. When you get older you will notice it. It catches up with you and for some people, it will catch up with more than others.

Obviously, each one of us is different so add juicing to your diet. Even if you do it three days a week, just have that glass of juice in the morning and use vegetables to help you out there because the vegetables I think are where you get the most nutrients from.

Although fruits are very good too. I’m not going to cross the fruits out but if you’re trying to lose weight and stay in shape and have energy and get those seven vegetables in a day, I suggest juicing. At least give your body three good days of fruits and vegetables that you need in your daily diet.

And it is important to our diet, very important. It’s important for our kidney function, liver function, heart function, our digestive system. It’s amazing how our body works and how it needs those vitamins and minerals every day.

Difference Between Ready-to-drink Orange Juices and Fresh Juices

How is it different if I go to the grocery store and I buy a carton of orange juice as opposed to me buying fresh oranges and juicing them? How is it different? And how do they differ?

They pasteurize it so it takes away from the minerals and vitamins. One thing when you juice, there are enzymes in your fruits and vegetables. And when this goes to the store and it’s pasteurized you lose those enzymes. The enzymes are what you need for your body for good health.

And when you juice, you actually want to drink the juice right away because your enzymes, as soon as you juice it, it’s already starting to break down and you want to catch those as fast as you can and get them in your body. Because that’s the healing part inside you to help you and keep you healthy and strong.

Verses a bottle of juice and you making it, the homemade, you’re getting the enzymes your body needs. If you want to take fresh juice to work, the best thing you can do is add a lemon to it because lemon slows the process down of losing the enzymes so that when you have it at noon, say another glass of juice, you’re not losing all those enzymes.

summer juice

That’s a great idea. I mean, just because you’re drinking apple juice or orange juice out of the carton doesn’t mean that you’re really juicing. You’re losing a lot when it comes to the minerals and those active enzymes that are in the juices. Just to summarize, everyone should give juicing a go and it’s kind of like active experimentation.

You’ve got lots of fruits and vegetables, you play around with what you like. You don’t need to start off with an $800 Cadillac crazy juicer, start with the $60 or $80 just to kind of try it out and see. And as you get more into it, the more you invest in the juicer the more you’ll end up getting out of the juicer. Anyone can benefit from juicing and a big thing ends up being health benefits and you’ve benefited when it comes to your blood pressure, your heart, your health, and your digestive system as well. If it ends up being too sweet for you, you can focus more on the vegetable side of things.

And as you were saying, you go 3/4 of veggies, and 1/4 of fruit in order to keep things sweet but not over-the-top sweet. You gave some awesome recipes to try, some summer ones that would end up being great, and then really kind of highlighted the benefits of like truly juicing as opposed to buying juice from the market or the superstore or whatever. Is there anything else I missed?

I suggest buying organic produce as much as possible when juicing. You get away from chemicals.

Georgia, where can people get more information about you?


Thank you, Georgia, for your time.

Thank you, Rick.

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