Rotator Cuff Pain with Lateral Raises copy

Rotator Cuff Pain with Lateral Raises

November 23, 2009 Rick Kaselj

If you have any pain in the shoulder, neck, or elbow joint (e.g., tennis elbow), you might be dealing with rotator cuff tendonitis. Rotator cuff tendonitis can be extremely painful and limit your range of […]

Foam Rolling for the Piriformis copy

Foam Rolling for the Piriformis

November 2, 2009 Rick Kaselj

After I finished presenting Exercise rehabilitation of the Hip at Douglas College, where I go through Piriformis Syndrome. A great question came up about foam rolling for the piriformis, so I wanted to share a […]

Fitness and Rehab Conference VIP List copy

Fitness & Rehab Conference VIP List

October 28, 2009 Rick Kaselj

Corrective exercises and exercise rehabilitation are two of the most critical areas within the fitness world. They are also two of the fastest growing segments in several industries, including healthcare, fitness, and sports. The market […]

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