Self Mobilization Exercises

I am at the airport in Tampa.

Last night was a great Super Bowl Party at Joel Marion’s house.


It was very cool to hang outside on the patio and watch the game.

Now to what I have for you today. I have another clip for you from Spinal Health and Core Training (which will be released next week).

It is from Dr. Jeff Cubos, who you have heard of because he was one of the contributors to the upper body edition of Muscle Imbalances Revealed.

Take it away, Jeff.

Self Mobilization Exercises with Jeff Cubos

Next week, I will have more clips from the seminar.

Spinal Health & Core Training will be available on February 12.

P.S. – Here is another clip from Spinal Health & Core Training:

Introduction to Core Training and Performance with Tony Gentilcore

Invincible Core