Self Mobilization Exercises

Self-mobility requires more than just stretching. It’s a training system that prepares you to move safely and efficiently in challenging environments, like after a natural disaster. Self-mobility exercises improve your range of motion, balance, strength, and coordination while increasing your awareness of your body in space.

But why is this important?

In self-mobility, you need to move with agility and efficiency. Self-mobility exercises are often overlooked as simple stretches because they appear basic in execution. However, these small movements require intense focus and concentration; the slightest mistake could lead to a catastrophic result. To become an expert on these challenges, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide on self-mobility exercises.

Why Should You Do Self-Mobility Exercises?

Self-mobility exercises are not just stretching; they are a system of functional movements designed to help you prepare for challenging environments. You can move with agility and efficiency, with a higher range of motion and greater strength. When you practice these exercises, your nervous system is trained to send signals to your muscles in new and different ways. This primes your body to perform better in all situations, whether lifting heavy objects, moving furniture or escaping a natural disaster. Self-mobility exercises also help your muscles recover from injuries. The more flexible your muscles are, the less likely you are to pull a muscle or strain your joints when you move. If you’re currently recovering from an injury, your doctor may advise you to perform these exercises to regain mobility and strength in your joints.

What is the purpose of Self-Mobility Exercises?

Self-mobility exercises aim to improve a person’s awareness of their body in space. They’re also used to improve flexibility, strength, and coordination. Many of these exercises are simple stretches commonly incorporated into warm-up routines. When executed properly, these simple movements can help you build the strength and coordination needed to perform challenging tasks in different environments. They can also help prevent injury during challenging situations. Self-mobility exercises are important for preparing the body for any situation with a risk of injury due to unexpected movements. This includes natural disasters, working around heavy equipment, and injuries sustained by sports.

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You’ve heard of Dr. Jeff Cubos because he was one of the contributors to Muscle Imbalances Revealed: The Upper Body Edition. 

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Self Mobilization Exercises with Jeff Cubos

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