Unique Tips to Prevent Wrist Pain

Working all day using your hands can take its toll on your body. Your wrists, in particular, may feel fatigued and strained by the end of the day. If left unhandled, wrist pain can worsen and impact your performance at work. Fortunately, there are unique tips to prevent wrist pain. From simple techniques that take almost no time each day to more involved strategies that require you to change your lifestyle, there is an option for everyone. In this blog post, we will go over several unique tips and tricks on how to prevent wrist pain in everyday life.

Repetitive movements like typing or lifting often cause wrist pain. 

To prevent spending most of your day in discomfort, here are unique tips to prevent wrist pain from Jedd Johnson.

1. Bones that Make up the Wrists

The wrist is made up of eight bones. The way that they’re positioned there is the way that they have to remain for your wrist to function properly.

Tips to Prevent Wrist Pain

If the bones get out of alignment, you will have problems with your wrist. Chances are it’s going to hurt very badly. You’re going to lose range of motion and things like that. 

2. How the Bones in the Hands Affect the Forearm

The wrist bones have to remain aligned amongst themselves, but they’ve also positioned the way they are for the forearm and hand bones to line up properly. 

Tips to Prevent Wrist Pain Bones in the Hands Affect the Forearm

These two redbones are the only radius of the forearm. These bones all line up in this way. These bones got a communication going between the wrist bones, the forearm bones, and the thumb and the finger bones.

Looking at other diagrams online, you’ll see that all these kinds fit together like a puzzle. And if you get one of these out of alignment, it can cause great pressure and discomfort in your wrist.

3. Three Ways to Keep Your Wrist Alignment

Warm-up Properly

You have to go through a nice full body warmup, working up to your hands, starting with the legs, and then working out to the extremities to get some blood flow going and to get the soft tissues more pliable; they’re going to be more flexible that way they’re going to respond better to.

For example, if you jump on the bench and press with absolutely no warmup at all, your hands are going to be cold and they’re going to be stiff because they don’t have the blood in there to help them stay nice and flexible and ply it. So if you go through a warmup, you can help yourself out greatly.

Stretch Between Sets

With the bench press, you have so much pressure on your wrist. You don’t want to be retaining that pressure in between sets. You want to go through a few easy stretches to keep the blood flowing, get the waste out, and then promote this alignment.

So the one stretch that I do several times during each. You hold this for maybe four or five seconds, and then I switch hands. Go back to the next set; you take one hand, and you take your other hand, put your hand inside your middle finger and your ring finger poke over your thumb, and then gradually straighten your arm out and what this does.

It stretches this part of the hand very well out. It opens up the wrist and keeps everything flowing through there. Blood and also your nerve impulses flow into the hand. Plus, you’re stretching out your whole form. So this is like a high-impact stretch because it gets so much stuff done, and you only have to hold it for four or five seconds.

Be Aware of Your Technique

It would help if you tried to keep your wrist as straight as possible. Now I’m going to bend your hand slightly, just because that’s how your hand is made up, and you’re going to have a bar in there.

Be Aware of Your Technique

You want to avoid positioning yourself at risk by bending your hand way back. Now there is value in being able to grip the bar tightly, and because it will increase your weights lifted, sometimes when people do that, they place the part bar too far back in their hand.

4. Thing That Affects Your Wrist During Your Workouts

Remember you will be benching with 200, 300, or 400 pounds when you place the bar far back, and your hand gets bent back. That is a lot of force. That’s a lot of leverage cranking back on your wrist. What you want to do is you want to have the bar placed more towards your thumb. You want to take, be able to grip it with your thumb, but keep it closer to your thumb.

Place more of the bar directly above the forum by getting a good grip with your hand. There’s going to be much less stress on your wrist. 

It’s not always an injury that holds you back. Sometimes it’s just that you know something is going to hurt you. How well can you concentrate on your lift if, in the back of your mind, you’re thinking about the pain that you’re feeling in the wrist?

It is not a Strain

It’s not a strain; your wrist isn’t jacked. What it is just that discomfort of the leverage, just the sheer leverage going on of that bar, being slightly out of the spot where it should be, and the pressure on the connective tissues, the bones, and the wrist. If you get these three things right, I think your lifts will be much better.

Now, if you’ve got wrist pain in other lifts besides the bench press, maybe it’s pushups. Maybe it bothers you in front of squats. Your clean and jerk might be the problem. Maybe it’s your kettlebell trainer. Check out, and fix my wrist pain. We’ve got a great resource to help you address any types of wrist pain you have.

Plus, we’ve got a whole bunch of ways that you can make just slight technique adjustments on your exercises to make them a little bit better for your risk, which will have a big impact on your results.

Here are some wrist pain tips from Jedd Johnson; enjoy.

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