Snatch and Swing Your Partner Workout

Today, I have a workout for you.

It is a great workout with the kettlebell.

It is a simple workout but effective.

The workout is from Funk Roberts and Chris Lopez.

Enjoy the workout……

Rick Kaselj, MS


THE WORKOUT – Snatch & Swing Your Partner Workout – “On the Minute” Training

20 minutes (you will need 1 kettlebell of equal weight)

PROTOCOL – Set a timer for 20 minutes. When you hit start, perform 8 single-arm kettlebell snatches per side. Rest for the remainder of the minute.

When the timer hits “19:00” use 1 kettlebell and perform 8 reps of Kettlebell Swings. Rest for the remainder of the minute.
Repeat this protocol (alternating between snatches & swings) for the entire 20 minute period.

Hey guys, Chris Lopez here with Funk Roberts.

Today what we are going to focus on is Power Endurance, expose of hip power and that’s where we want to focus on.

  • “On the Minute” Training – Set the timer to 20 minutes. 8 KB Snatches (Per Arm) and 8 Two Arm KB Swings.

We are going 20 minutes straight. What you are going to do is you are going to go “ On the Minute” and we are going to alternate between snatches and swings. You’re going to do 8 reps of snatches on each side when the timer goes start like a double zero. Once the double zero rolls around, you do your 8 snatches on each side. You put your kettlebell down and then you rest for the remainder of that minute whatever that may be, whatever time that may be.

After that, you are going to pick the kettlebell back up. When the timer hits again 0:00, in this case 19 minutes, you are going to do 8 kettlebell swings. Two arm swings nice and explosive really trying to create float in that bell. Now the beauty “On the Minute” stuff is that it rewards you for being explosive. By set 20, you want to be as explosive as you can because the more explosive you are the more rest you get because the faster your reps go. So it rewards you with more rest for being more explosive.

Funk Roberts: Yes, perfect which is the way you want. Hip power man, this is what it is – “hip explosiveness”. In every one of your combat sports whether it’s Judo, whether it’s BJJ, whether it’s Muay Thai, or whether it’s Kickboxing or MMA, these two exercises right here are your bread and butter when it comes to explosiveness. Am I correct?

Chris Lopez: Yes, absolutely!

Funk Roberts: If you implement these weekly and you put it in your training someway somehow workout like this wherein you are implementing these types of exercises into your actual training, you guys are going to absolutely improve your hip explosiveness and power ten folds.

Chris Lopez: Are you ready to go?

Funk Roberts: I am ready to go.

Minutes #1 – 8 Snatches per Arm

Chris Lopez: We’ve got 8 snatches on each side and we are going to focus on explosive hip power the whole way through. I am going to set my timer and we are ready to go.

8 Snatches (Right Arm)

8 Snatches (Right Arm)

Snap those hips right up. When you are doing those snatches, you really want to focus on locking outs. To get the good lock out, squeeze your glutes at the top, you want to brace your Abs.

8 Snatches (Left Arm)

8 Snatches (Left Arm)

Nice and clean switch there on the snatches. Power those hips through. Keep going. Remember what I was saying before, the more explosive he is, the more rest he gets. So that’s what you get rewarded for.

Funk did 8 snatches on each side and he has got about 25 seconds of rest. In between, I want you to stay fast and loose. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Try to get that heart rate to calm down.

Funk Roberts: It’s really important guys, the recovery time, here. Focus on the recovery, breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth. I really want you to focus on that.

Minute #2 – 8 Two Arm Swings

Chris Lopez: Here we go, two arm swings for 8 times.

8 Two Arm Swings

8 Two Arm Swings

As Funk gets through this set he will have a little bit more of recovery because it’s only 8 swings. That’s the beauty of the way we are doing this because even though you got 8 swings you have a lot more recovery but you still have to be explosive with the swings. That’s what you want to think about when you are doing this.

Chris Lopez: How do you feel?

Funk Roberts: I am great. I feel good.

Chris Lopez: Again, inhale in the nose and exhale through the mouth. Control the breathing and control the heart rate.

Funk Roberts: As I was just talking about before it is really important to focus on that recovery because it’s the time between rounds or rest time between your competition or whatever it is, you need to be able to recover. Try to come back to full recovery so you can exert all the energy that you need in the next rounds.

Chris Lopez: Good. You got 10 seconds left and then you are back on snatches.

Minute #3 – 8 Snatches per arm.

What you are really want to do is to focus on creating float in that bell by driving your hips. Your upper body really doesn’t have much to do with it other than finishing at the top. That’s what you want to do. Your hand is going to guide the bell to the top.

Everything else is occurring with your hips. So your hips are responsible for actually lifting that bell and driving it up.

Remember we are doing “On the Minute” Snatches. So every time that clock hits 0:00, that’s when you do work. Fast and loose. Deep breathe in and out. Nice and relax.

Funk Roberts: This is 16 kilograms weight that I am using right now.

Chris Lopez: As far as kettlebell size is concern, use the weight that you can comfortably press for 8 repetitions. Anything that you can comfortable press for 8 repetitions, that’s the ideal size.

Minute #4 – 8 Two Arm Swings

There you go. Good hinge there Funk. Couple of things that you notice with Funk; he has got a vertical shin angle, he is really focusing on floating that bell. He is nice and relaxed in the upper body. The lower body is doing all the work.

Chris Lopez: Fast and loose. How do you feel?

Funk Roberts: I feel great. I feel my heart rate is pumping right now. My muscles are starting to feel the endurance portion of it but I feel good. So we are going to continue doing this, we are not going to bore you through the whole. We want you guys do the work in 20 minutes.

Chris Lopez: Yes, 20 minutes, that’s all you need.

Funk Robert: I am working on it for 4 minutes and I am feeling it. My heart rate is pumping, I am feeling it. So I know that the next few rounds that I do are really going to work on the power endurance.

Chris Lopez: Yeah, right. Power Endurance the whole way through the 20 minutes just focus on being explosive really snapping your hips to get that kettlebell up. Remember that the upper body has very little to do with it. On the snatches, it just about guiding it to the top. On the swings, nothing is happening at all. Keep the elbows relaxed and the shoulders relaxed and you are good to go. Now you are getting both endurance and you are getting hip explosion with this one conditioning workout.

Funk Roberts: Now you guys, it’s your turn to GET IT DONE!

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